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  • Perfect! Does exactly what I want. Best right before printing a page.
  • Works fine but it would be nice if I could just click it once and block the element instead of going into a separate dropdown menu.
  • It is OK but why I must do it everytime I refresh the page? I want the addon to remember it. But it is OK and easy to use it.
  • This is a great extension. I only miss a shortcut key to enter nuke mode.
  • Big thanks to the developer, great app. Does exactly what I want, it allows me remove things from a web page.

    You'd think that it is common sense that if you reload/refresh the page the items will come back on, imagine the complaints if they didn't come back and people deleted parts of a page by mistake.

    Can it be better? ... maybe, so why don't people try to design their own add-ons for Firefox? Then they can get complaints from strange people from a product that is free.
  • LOVE IT :D
    works perfectly :D
    I recommend you add the: How to use
    in the description :)
  • Doesn't work - the second you refresh the page then everything is back again - especially with facebook - I try to block the "suggested" sections - but when you refresh its back again
    The add-on is working as expected, you seem to need something else.

    In the description I say "The effect of this extension is temporary, which is useful before printing a page. Refreshing or navigating away will bring everything back to normal."

    Do you have a suggestion to make this clearer so that I don't confuse other users in the future?
  • Works flawlessly. Super useful. Thanks.
  • I liked your add-on but it doesn't have a shortcut combination. So, I modified it. Now I can use Ctrl+Shift+X combination to run it.

    My code:
    document.addEventListener("keydown", function (e) {
    if (e.ctrlKey && e.shiftKey && e.code === "Space"){

    Would you add a feature to run it with key combination in next update?

    P.S. I translated to Turkish its language file. If you contact me, I can send it to you.
    Just saw this... The addon already has a shortcut combination... alt+shift+x to enter Nuke Mode ... [x] key to Nuke while in that mode and and [esc] to exit back to normal.
  • It is good but it isn't the replacement for Remove It Permanently i was looking for. It can get rid of many objects but you have to remove the same objects every time you visit the same webpage even if you refresh a page they return. It needs to have a feature where it actually "nukes" the object, not just hide it temporarily.
  • Очень удобное дополнение для подготовки вывода на печать страницы без лишнего контента.
    Таких дополнений мало. Данное дополнение - одно из лучших. Использую очень давно! Есть, конечно, и недостатки, но автор над ними работает, что достойно уважения!
  • Sadly the HackTheWeb add-on that was based on the Aardvark bookmarklet doesn't work anymore, and while Nuke Anything Enhanced does the most basic thing (remove object) a lot of other useful functionality is missing. It'd be great if some of the things from HackTheWeb/Aardvark were added here. Just saying the developer could look at those for inspiration on how to improve this add-on massively.

    Also, I really wish there was an option to have "remove this object" in the main context menu, not under a pop-out sub-menu. Especially with a quick-key so you could just right-click and hit R or N or something (I mean like the underscored A of 'select all'). Moving the mouse into a sub-menu for every object you want to quickly delete is annoying, and the alternative way 'Toggle nuke with X' thing doesn't work. But that's really not an optimal way to remove things quickly anyway and should just be dropped imho.
    What do you get when you try to use the "toggle nuke with X" option? it is much faster to remove many objects using that.
  • Is it possible to save the nuked objects? Please add this function if it's not there already. No addon got this function...
  • Really usefull extension.
    A little improvement would be welcome: instead of "click on the icon to enter in nuke mode, then press X to nuke", it would be great if "pressing X" would enter in nuke mode. No more click on the icon needed.
    BTW, if we could choose the keyboard shortcut, it would be nice; I used to already press X to close a tab with VIMFX.
    You can use the shortcut alt-shift-x to enter the nuke mode... then [x] to nuke items while in nuke mode and [esc] to exit back to normal.
  • Very nice to have this feature back in Firefox. Working fine!
    Just a small thing that is bugging me: the German translation needs a few adjustments.
  • This plugin is really useful for those pesky pages that put overlays over the page or images to make you register. Just nuke them ;) !

    I hate Mozilla for what they are doing to Firefox in the recent versions, crippling the possibilities of extensions almost to the point where they are visual sugar (at least it feels like that compared to what extensions could do), but that's not this extensions fault.

    Question: is it possible to call a function to trigger the nuke from a mouse gesture? Before 2.0 I called "NukeAnything.doNukeSelection" or "NukeAnything.doNukeAnything" (together with setting "gContextMenu.target" to the "event.target") from a custom script for the gesture. Now it tells me NukeAnything is not defined.
    That is an interesting hack you did there.

    The NukeAnything object is still defined but it seems the new security measures in firefox restrict the scope access to this object. So you cannot access it from anywhere else but the extension itself.

    I think there must be a was to explicitly add a possibility for other scripts to send messages to it.
    I will add that it to the TODO list for next update :-)

    Can you drop me a mail with more info about your setup so I can test and make sure it works? What are you using to trigger the gestures?
  • I have been loved this addon and I really glad to see still alive with FF57+
  • It works just fine. For accessibility, however, it'd be better if you could change the "x" key to simple mouse click for users not able to use physical keyboards and mouse at the same time.

    EDIT: CTRL + Click is fantastic! Thanks!
    You can already do [ctrl] + click to remove an item ( it's not a simple click so you can still make selections and remove them)
  • I'm very, very glad that you decided to update/revive this add-on and allow it to transition into the WebExtensions world. Like many people who use it, I quickly found it to be one of my most useful extensions that I really don't want to browse the web without anymore.

    I'm quite sad at the usability issues that are forced by Firefox, because they make using the add-on a lot more cumbersome than it used to be. From the looks of it, not allowing an extension to add multiple top-level context menu entries is one of the major gripes people have, and I totally understand. Your workaround is a decent temporary fix, but I really hope Firefox developers will lift this restriction very, very soon. It's just not acceptable to put that kind of restriction. Also, it's completely ridiculous that they don't allow customisation of shortcuts, because that actually *increases* incompatibilities between extensions, rather than reducing it.

    I'm still giving you the full five stars, since there's no point in criticising you for issues that are 100% down to the short-sightedness and incompetent decisions on Mozilla's side. I hope the users of your extension, and others suffering from the same inane limitations, will build enough momentum to beat Mozilla into coming to their senses.
  • This is awesome!
  • Thanks for making it compatible with the latest Mozilla update! I really like the [x] and [u] shortcuts, they make it easier to use.
  • [update 2017-10-05]
    It now has the option to toggle active mode using the menu/mouse, so I'm satisfied with that. Thanks for the quick update! My only other minor quabble is that things don't seem to highlight the way they did in 1.x - e.g. a horizontal bar (my niche need) doesn't highlight at all, but I was still able to delete it.
    [end update]

    This has been a go-to add-on for years, but the new version has some usability issues (aside from those forced by Firefox).

    If you use the Firefox setting where typing results in a text search, the Activate Nuke option by key doesn't work. This means I'm limited to the "Remove this object" option, which no longer highlights the object to be removed.

    I use Nuke to help minimize content before creating a PDF, and sometimes need very specific things removed where the mouse has to be at exactly the right spot (like removing horizontal bars). The highlighting made that possible. Now, I have to try/fail/try repeat, and it's not good.

    Perhaps if the Activate Nuke could be toggled by mouse instead of keystroke, or by menu icon like Page Eraser on Chrome.
    I can do that...

    [edit] This is now supported in ver 2.1, you can [ctrl]+click to remove items instead of using the keyboard.
  • I updated to 2.0, didn't like the new menu. It simply adds another step to accomplish the same thing the older version could do. Also, it removed the wrong thing on one website (sorry, but I can't tell you which website it was.) The older version worked perfectly for me, so I went back to it.
    Unfortunately, Firefox will stop supporting the older version in two weeks. The new supported add-on system does not allow the same options as the old one.
  • Hi,

    I have created a mozilla account specifically for the purpose of letting you know that I use Nuke more than the majority of my other add-ons. Statistically, it is used upwards of 10-25x more than other scripts.

    With a context menu editor, I'm fine to adjust how I view my context menu and it allows me the ability to simply right-click and then single click whatever singular key that is descriptive for the context menu beginning with said clicked key. In the past I would then simply be able to right-click then press R, and this would in turn be as effective as your [x] method.

    However, I understand you process, and it's fine to have inbuilt as a default, I would simply ask one thing. Don't bundle the add-on in the context menu and leave the multiple options without a "Nuke Anything" folder per se.

    If this is not practical for you, and you insist on having a folder in future versions, would you please be able to link me to an older subversion via this review?

    Thanks! Great add-on!
    I will add this to the todo list.

    [edit] In ver 2.1, you can go to the options of the extension and remove the items you never want to see. When one object is left you can right click and select it directly.

    But I would advise giving the new keyboard mode a chance with [x] [u] and [Esc]... It is really practical if you use the extension a lot.
  • Hi,

    I understand why you had to redo the "Nuke Anything Enhanced" add-on to the Firefox browser the way you did. There's nothing you can do about that but I'm getting to like Firefox less and less.

    I went back to use the add-on some more and found something that needs to be changed. After I was finished removing several things on Medium's page that I was looking at, the pink highlighting, which is very effective in selecting the area to nuke, keeps on showing up as you move your cursor around the page. Since you have to turn the 'x' on in order to nuke on each page that is visited. I suggest another item on the submenu: "deactivate Nuke on the (x) key". I use my mouse pointer as a visual complement to my reading - sort of underlining significant passages or moving my eye to something on the page that the text has referenced. With the 'x' still active, it's like a light show with the pink highlighting going from place to place as I move my cursor. That's more distracting than Medium's fixed header or in-your-face social media icons.

    I hope you will consider this additional small item.
    You can just press [Esc] on the keyboard when you're done to go back to normal browsing. It's explained in the add-on description but i guess i must make it more obvious.
    I'll try to add it to the menu in the next update

    [edit] This is now supported in ver 2.1, if you click on the same menu again the mode is turned off (as if you pressed on [Esc]) and everything is back to normal.