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This is awsome. it says there's an option to "undo remove of multiple items" you removed but I can't figure that out, I only messed with it for a second. The only way I have figured out to get the stuff you removed back is by refreshing the page. It's so easy though all you have to do is highlight the stuff you don't want on the page and right click it and then you can click remove selection or you can highlight the stuff you want and click on remove everything else, awsome!
I wish I found this a long time ago, I remember wanting to print something but I didn't have much ink and I didn't want to print everything on the page so I was stuck copying and pasting stuff into microsoft word and I remember it being such a pain because the webpage wouldn't let me copy some of the stuff from the page and then it was hard to get it in the right spots when pasting it on microsoft word so this totally fixes all of those problems I had.
To Patrick Abi Solloum, Thank you so much for this free extension!! You are going to save me alot of ink, I HATE buying new ink : )

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