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  • Works pretty well, except the "Toggle X to remove" option doesn't work on many websites. I think it might be that they're intercepting the keypress or something.

    Would be great to get that fixed!
  • Re: https://web.archive.org/web/20191228045914/https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/nuke-anything-enhanced/reviews/1325466/

    Where (reviewer) ander could not nuke a sidebar, I had no difficulty. The context menu worked as expected.

    Nuke Anything 2.4 added to home-built Waterfox Classic 2019.12.
  • Great extension! Thank you for creating it!
  • It's OK... It removes some stuff, but definitely not all—even stuff it can select, which is mysterious. For example, the annoying fold-out, non-closable sidebar here:


    It can select (highlight) the sidebar, so it knows what code's generating it—so it should be able to block that code, right? You'd think so, anyway. But no. Go figure.

    [Edit] I'm afraid I've had to lower my rating to 2 stars now. This extension used to be great, but it really seems to have fallen behind.
  • 2 of the 5 options do not appear on the menu.
    nuke_selection & nuke_rest do not appear or provide function. Please fix. I used to enjoy the "remove everything else" option.
  • Very good add-on, but "Toggle nuke when pressing [x]" unfortunately does not work well if "Find as you type" feature is enabled in Firefox options - it works only for the first click, but then only Find box receives all [x] input. Could you please address this issue?
  • Perfect! Does exactly what I want. Best right before printing a page.
  • Works fine but it would be nice if I could just click it once and block the element instead of going into a separate dropdown menu.
  • It is OK but why I must do it everytime I refresh the page? I want the addon to remember it. But it is OK and easy to use it.
  • This is a great extension. I only miss a shortcut key to enter nuke mode.
  • Big thanks to the developer, great app. Does exactly what I want, it allows me remove things from a web page.

    You'd think that it is common sense that if you reload/refresh the page the items will come back on, imagine the complaints if they didn't come back and people deleted parts of a page by mistake.

    Can it be better? ... maybe, so why don't people try to design their own add-ons for Firefox? Then they can get complaints from strange people from a product that is free.
  • LOVE IT :D
    works perfectly :D
    I recommend you add the: How to use
    in the description :)
  • Doesn't work - the second you refresh the page then everything is back again - especially with facebook - I try to block the "suggested" sections - but when you refresh its back again
    The add-on is working as expected, you seem to need something else.

    In the description I say "The effect of this extension is temporary, which is useful before printing a page. Refreshing or navigating away will bring everything back to normal."

    Do you have a suggestion to make this clearer so that I don't confuse other users in the future?
  • Works flawlessly. Super useful. Thanks.