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great tool for adding notes to websites

Great Add-on! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I just installed and test drove this add-on. I was hesitant to do so because the add-on page says that the notes are attached to sites. This is not quite exact. The notes are attached to web pages which is exactly what I need.

Now, if some cosmetic changes, like getting rid of the awful quadrille grid, could be done, and some user-selected preferences, like background color, font and font size be made available, it would enhance user experience.

Good job!

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WHERE can i find my notes, if my browser crashed and I go to another one ??!

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A suggestion It would be better for notes to be available for entire domain vs domain/this-page-only, it's easier to remember a domain rather than a path.

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Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your reply, & I look forward to the next version. In the interim, I installed Timestamp 0.7.2 from the developer's site http://jpeters.no-ip.com/extensions/?page=tb_ts & it creates a timestamp insert from the right click context menu to enter into any text field. Thing is it works fine everywhere I tested including this review area:
Mon, 10/04/2010 @ 11:40 AM
but it does NOT appear in my context menu when I right click inside No Tea; is there currently some coding in No Tea that limits context field choices? All I can get there are: Undo, Select All, & Copy/Paste?

Also, is there a way I can go into the No Tea file on my computer & make a small edit to increase the amount of time your icon in the toolbar blinks when a note is present? Thank you.

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Hi woodcreek,

Timestamp 0.7.2 works neither in NoTea nor in the adress-field of the browser. It probably just works in the website itself and not in the fields of the browser. NoTea is part of the browser and not of the website, so the right click doesn't work in NoTea. We'll work on it!

The time the NoTea-Icon blinks is coded into the plugin. You can change that time by editing following zip-file:

In the zip-file you have to edit content\overlay.js in line 132.

Good luck! :-)

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Ich finde, dass NoTea ein gutes Firefox-Addon ist. Es ist intuitiv zu bedienen und die NoTea-Sidebar ist gut gestaltet. Gut wäre es vielleicht, wenn man Notizen auch global für eine Webseiten speichern könnte. :-)

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NoTea worked quite well for me, so far. I prefer it above other note systems, because it is not obtrusive yet easily available and sturdy.