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  • Very good addon... but there is an annoying issue : when a folder is renamed on the server, Nostalgy is still proposing the old name in the list of choices. I haven't found any way to remove specific entries.
  • I was for a long time a solution to make shortcuts to my rules and finally I found. Well done !
  • I cannot imagine how would I manage my email messages without this add-on. This is definitely the most amazing and intuitively needed extension for Thunderbird that allows you to organize your emails extremely easily into the corresponding folders and to find them really quickly later. I am so thankful to the guy who made it and supports it. God bless you!
  • This addon makes task 'Inbox Zero' really manageable.

    One question, though: Is it possible to disable the status bar message?
  • Makes work with Thunderbird really effective!
  • If you belong to the group of Thunderbird users who archive their mails manually into folders then this add-on is an absolute must-have! There is no quicker way to move mails (or to jump to any folder). This makes any Outlook user absolutely jealous, because there is nothing similar there AFAIK.

    And today I even found another very useful keyboard shortcut: Press L to hide/show the folder panel (and save space on a small screen).

    6 stars!
  • 快速搜尋資料夾並將信件歸檔
  • If you love to work with the keyboard then this addon is perfect for you. It will save you a lot of time moving emails to the correct folders (instead of drag and drop).
  • I was able to fix the suggestion pop-up using this:

    * Make the Thunderbird window less high by dragging the window smaller from the bottom of the window
    * Hit "g" and type something
    * Quit Thunderbird
    * Start Thunderbird
    * Now it works (even after a restart and resizing the window again)
  • Inbox Zero doesn't need to remain a wet dream :-)
    For a workaround for a Windows UI problem, see this issue:
  • This is a very powerful and useful add-on for Thunderbird. I organize mail with a large number of folders and sub-folders in multiple e-mail accounts. Combined with the "Copy Sent to Current" add-on, I am able to keep both incoming and outgoing mail organized with just a few keystrokes.
  • Thanks for great extension. BUT there is SERIOUS BUG!!! May be it is Thunderbird API related. If you select jump destination from suggestion list (in "S" shortcut command,other probably also) by mouse click, Jump/move is made as if you select one line above clicked one! If you do selection via UP/DOWN arrow keys bug does not appear,
    This is very bothersome especialy if combined with TB crappy fulltext (dos not reindex moved messages). May be something (select list lines mechanism?) changed in TB API few versions ago, because i seen same poor behaviour on selection email destination several TB versions back (especialy very bad) in new mail destination suggestion box.
    As result it was common to send mail to another person!!! May be Nostalgy inherited (?) buggy behaviour from that time?
  • I really wanted this to work, but (Thunderbird 31.7.0 in openSUSE 13.2 KDE) no helpful pop-up list of folder suggestions is appearing. Hoping the author (or someone) can fix this, thanks.
  • Could this be because I am using Windows 10 preview.

    Shame - this is one of the first things I install after thunderbird.
  • By far the best extension to Thunderbird. One of the ones I am happy to contribute to the developer.
  • How can I make the suggestion list to appear. I have 3 computers. The first computer works without any issue, however when I install it in the second computer, I cannot see the suggestion list if I start typing. I have to uninstall and reinstall it for several times before I can finally see the list. Now on the third computer, I just install it and it is not working. The list doesn't display when typing. I have been trying to make it work but uninstalling and installing but nothing is happening. I am using the current version of Thunderbird and also the current version of Nostalgy. Please how can I make it work
  • This is really a great extension. I missed those features a lot, keyboard shortcuts save me an awful lot of time and make working through emails more efficient.

    Wish: More complex conditions for rules (using header fields / tags / junk status...).

    Remark for German users: Some default shortcuts are not the best choice when using German language. But it can easily be changed.
  • I've installed the new version of Nostalgy and it's working again. What a relief !
    Thank you to the developpes for the follow up and sorry for the confusion.
  • This is indeed a very useful extension, and I have gotten it programmed "into my fingers". Unfortunately, it became less useful with the most recent release of Thunderbird. Now the popup window with a selection of recent relevant folders doesn't happen anymore, which is a real shame. Developers, please bring back this feature!

    Also, the automatic save folder name, which appears in the status bar at the bottom, is very frequently incorrect, being just a folder that I save to quite often, but not relevant to the one I want to save to; yet I have done enough saves to that one that Nostalgy should be "trained" on it.
  • I've been using this addon for years. It's easily one of the best addons for any mail client and makes organization of emails a child's play. My clients often force me to use Outlook, and even Lotus back in the days, and I tried tons of different solutions from paid addons (usually from 30$ up to 70$) to custom-programmed macros with tons of lines of code to replicate its functionality, but none comes close to the simplicity and power of this addon. Even the "most sophisticated and intelligent filing" addons can't come close to it and I either waste my time creating folders, moving messages around, or give up and end up in a giant inbox and rely on search all the time. Now try to find your messages using a smartphone on a slow connection... brrrr the horror of it...

    Nostalgy is really easy to use: G for jumping to any folder, S for moving selected messages to any folder anywhere, which is simply intelligent and lightning-fast. How easier can it get? It's number 1 reason why I don't switch to Outlook.

    Highly recommended addon!
  • Great extension which dramatically reduce time to archiving and rearrange huge amount of mails (I've try do not delete it at all except spam). Thank you.
    One desired future which is missing: List of folders (or just regexp) for exclusion in settings.
  • Exactly what I was looking for
  • Absolut empfehlenswert. Die ewige Ordnersuche beim Verschieben / Kopieren hat endlich ein Ende. Super, danke - vielen Dank
  • great plugin, but it would be nice if restart was not needed to update a shortcut