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  • ottimo
  • Very nice, been using for a few years non stop. Thanks for the hard work!
  • Не поддерживает Mozilla Firefox 50.0.
    Добавьте пожалуйста, поддержку.
  • it was great help for me and many other people :(
  • The reason I got rid of Internet Explorer was that it only had a few page / text zoom settings. But Firefox has infinite zoom settings.

    NoSquint made it very smooth and ergonomic to use the zoom capabilities.
  • i miss it, it was great help for me and many other people :(
  • Why has no one taken the source of this add-on and updated it ?

    It can't be impossible to do this surely?

    You can see all the good feedback for this add-on it is missed and very useful

    thank you
  • Sad to see it go.
    Thank you Jason for all your work over the past 10 years. Saved lots eyes!
  • I don't understand why this isn't a permanent feature of 'the net'.

    If I set my Guardian News page so it's "just right" I don't want it messing up the football page.

    I tried zoom page and it just won't do the same thing nor even remember the size I set.

    I've gone back to FF46 and sync'd and all is well again. Bliss.
  • i'll miss your add-on.
  • Sad to realize that NoSquint is no longer maintained. It's been a decade by using this helpful add-on - No squint. Anyway, I just want to depress appreciate for your hard work. Thanks for making the browser better, Jason.
  • Zoom Page by DW-dev is better than NoSquint-PLUS. It can use default Ctrl+ and Ctrl-
  • As it's no longer being updated, the developer recommends the addon "Zoom Page" instead
  • This intuitive zooming addon had been with my firefox installations for years. It makes life much easier for one with poor eyesight.
  • Love this, it's so simple to use and very helpful as my main PC is ona 50" 4K TV in the lounge, so sitting away makes it hard to see the small text, this plugin makes it a breeze to scale every site

    Please fix it for FF 47 :)
  • Please update this.
  • I have been using it for years, thx for your work ! Was always appreciated.
  • It was a very useful plugin.

    And thank you for everyone who mentioned alternatives.
  • For years this is one of the top add-ins I use and recommend to my peers. The reason I continued to use Firefox instead of IE or Chrome is because of this wonderful add-in. Thanks Jason and we wish you the best in the future.
  • После предварительного удаления NoSquint, нормально заработал NoSquint Plus.
    Способ настройки масштабирования текста и ширины страницы изменился, но так даже удобнее.
    Спасибо автору!
  • The replacement for this add-on is 'NoSQUINT PLUS.'
    NoSquint PLUS is the replacement beginning with Firefox 47.0.
  • Sad to hear that NoSquint is no longer maintained (and not working in new release 47). It has enhanced my browsing experience for many years so just wanted to say thank you very much for a great add-on. Zoom Page looks like a capable substitute. Thanks again.
  • Great addon...but it doesn't works with the last release of Firefox (47)
    I hope in a fix from the developpers
  • 这是我使用过最好的缩放工具,可惜不能与47兼容,不能再使用了
  • Kindly update the compatibility with Firefox version 47. <3