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  • Best add-on you can get. If I had to choose only one add-on for FireFox, I'd use this one. Despite what some people seem to think, it's simple to use. So long as you haven't donated your brain, you're good.

    I've never had any problems with it, and it's a simple but extraordinarily effective way of protecting yourself. Definitely worth the ten seconds it takes to install.

  • I tried the NoScript add-on because there were so many excellent reviews. I have ended up installing and uninstalling a lot of add-ons since I got Firefox but this is one of the few that I have kept. It's amazing how many sites are trying to run background scripts! I have noticed some Flash games don't work when NS is running but I'm not surprised. It's easy enough to turn it off temporarily. I also don't spend very much time visiting sites where Flash is essential. I like this add-on! I'm surprised it's free!

  • Highly recommended. Until I started using NS, I had no idea how many web sites were trying to run content when I thought I was merely reading a blog or looking up information.

    I have to wonder at some of the people complaining about this program. No Script does not interfere with my browsing enjoyment in any way. It takes less than two seconds to allow Java from sites you trust, and you can choose to permanently allow sites you visit regularly.

    NS simply lets the end user decide what content will be allowed to run on their browser--in other words, NS is trying to make things the way they should have been all along.

  • Excellent and well-supported.

  • This is wonderful! as I mostly use Pirate Bay and they use many flashing banners and ads. Very annoying and has messed with my PC some. This is just a great install!

  • In my opinion should no site on the web be dependent on an programming language like JavaScript. The Internet is meant to publish information. JavaScript should be used to enhance that, not to replace HTML, which is meant for publishing information.

    NoScript is because of that a great way to separate the good sites from the bad. And it secures even the safest browser even more in the process.

  • Please make the context menu Icon optional (but keep the menu listing).

  • To the last two reviewers; Graboy - learn that most programs have Options, as this one does. Learn how to right-click.
    Marc Rousse - please go back to whatever spam or commercial product you intend to spam with.

  • I'm personally not a fan it blocks flash games and java and for me its just an annoyance i give it 2 stars instead of one because it works well and should be used by people who don't game.

  • Reviewer sreidel wrote: "Well, there is something wrong with the update. Most sides need 10 to 15 seconds to load and however there a very few sites left that work at all. NoScript is NoFun anymore." and reviewer eppinghovener wrote: "This Update today slowed down Firefox as hell....
    Most Websites don't work anymore, even with all scripts allowed...
    Those who work take over a minute to load. ... Did either of these reviewers go to the forum and ask for help? The developer responds very promptly to all requests. Often it is not a NS issue, but another extension or conflict, but all you have to do is ask. I've used NoScript for many, many versions and never had the slightest slowdown in performance. If anything, "rich content" pages load faster because of all the unwanted garbage that NoScript blocks. Reviewer profox said NoScript messes up Fx's JavaScript engine. No! Scripts that you allow to run are not affected, only those you block. The main point is safety. Being able to *choose* whom to trust is the key to keeping your computer under your control and not some pwner's control. And I have never seen a developer respond so quickly to new Web threats or to requests for support. It's strange: Software that I've paid for has much slower support than the freeware NoScript. You shouldn't be without it - even the US Dept. of Homeland Security has said so. If you need help, many forum members are eager to help you. This add-on is absolutely essential for safe browsing.

  • The latest update works great. Any slowdowns someone has are usually caused by an extension conflict. NoScript has a dedicated support forum now. The developer is very helpful.

  • People should "temporarily allow top level sites by default," so NoScript doesn't become a pain. When you start looking over websites that are suspect (ie some local store website - which can be suspect to hijacks etc.) then you can turn the above feature off.

  • This is by far the most excellent, well designed and secure addon created to help the end user protect themselves. Any user, regardless of their experience and knowledge level would be well served to have this extension installed. For those who feel it adds too much limitation and restriction, consider that anything worth doing like protecting yourself should be proactive and you should care to learn it and do it. There are many security vulnerabilities coming out on a daily/hourly basis and a solution this well maintained and supported and designed would be a valuable addition to any arsenal. Highly recommended and you will be glad to have it. Thank you Giorgio Maone for developing this and we will continue to support you in keeping it the most useful, functional and well supported utility in the Firefox arsenal.

  • muy bueno para bloquear mucha publicidad q no nos interesa, muy recomendable

  • works like a charm

  • Une petite extension bien pratique qui permet l'execution du JavaScript ou non ainsi que de bloquer des sites qui sont non fiables.

    Avec NoScript, Firefox est vraiment plus sécurisé.
    Cependant lors de visites sur des sites fiables, c'est assez pénible d'autoriser ttes les 30 secondes !
    Les mises à jour sont régulières et rapides.

  • Extrem gut kann ich nur jedem empfehlen der mehr schutz und keine werbung oder popus sehen will.
    und es wehrt sogar XSS angriffe ab. ein must have

  • Must have! Without it and AdblockPlus, my browsing would be very uncomfortable and completely unsafe.

  • Easy to use and extremely useful.
    NoScript blocks every Java script before it loads, allowing the user to choose what to able/unable like adv banners, potentially dangerous codes, etc.
    Works good combined with Adblock Plus.
    A must-have!

  • Bonjour, merci de cette extension. Je ne peux pas la mettre à jour car il est impossible de télécharger par un clic droit pour installer hors ligne.

  • Didn't like the idea... now can't live without it :)

    Extremely helpful

  • It works great and does it's job. The frequent updates are a good thing. Who cares about 5 seconds if it makes your browsing that much better.

    The only somewhat annoying this is if you re-install firefox and have to re-allow a large number of websites. It'd be nice if there was some way to backup the settings to a server however that's just my nitpicking.

  • תוכנה מצוינת לחסימת פירסומות לא רצויות,
    צריך קצת להקיר את התוכנה כדי לדעת איך להישתמש בה, אבל כשה מכירים את התוכנה אפשר לחסום כול דבר שלא רצויי.

  • The BEST addon for Firefox that I have ever seen. I can see why younger users might find it scary when their youtube videos stop working, but once it is configured and rules entered life will be much easier and safer. Pages load faster, scripts that I you never knew ran in the background could be stopped forever, and I just wished it was there when I started using the web 13 years ago!

  • A good program to protect your computer
    from Bad software!
    Great for my XP's
    BAD for Win 98. Old versions were OK.