Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Efficient ? Yeah I trust these many positive reviewers.

Personally I'm done knocking it off whenever I want to click a facebook [Share] button or the like on a third party site.

And I'm done having my browsing hijacked by a sudden page or dialogue begging for a donation or me looking into a changelog.
Yes Mr Dev, you positively deserve some compensation for your work, but your software is taking a crap on my focus every now and then.

The multi-stage XSS warning is a PITA and pops everywhere on the web. I'm SURE the interwebs are that dirty-unsecure. But at some point I need some usability.
I couldn't customize my safety/UX compromise satisfyingly enough (and I didn't try too hard because I don't think I should spend hours on it).
Despite going the "I know I'm potentially screwing myself" path through warnings, stuff is still blocked.

Oh and it sometimes breaks the UX in subtle ways.
"Oh. So that site isn't just broken junk then ?"

As a dev and rather cautious individual I known I'd better try and customize those XSS recognition patterns.
As a non-web dev I have yet to understand XSS in depth and it's not on the top of my TODO stack.

Great software, for the paranoid and the masochist. Not for my dumb use case.

EDIT: So why *such* a poor rating ?
Autonomously hacking 3rd party software for more security is HARD. Granted.
To use NoScript efficiently though, it takes a rather insane amount of patience and commitment (I don't even fancy what it's like for non-tech-savvy users).
If I'd install NoScript on my parents' computer, they'd toss Firefox altogether for that unpatched IE sitting around.
Oh and... that occasional yet obnoxious NoScript popup, FFS.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.1.1).