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  • Once upon a time was a FF version with the Legacy? NoScript, and it was perfect, fast and easy to use and then FF changed and NoScript had to change too and it's not the same anymore. Is this new match faster? stable? secure? i can't see it but definitely it isn't easy to use
  • I've been using NoScript since the earlier XUL/XPCOM version, but the current WebExt version sometimes completely freezes my PC with its 100% cpu usage, the developer should really work on improving performance
  • A quality addon and developer. It does what the "About this extension" describes. The new UI to accommodate FF's new WebExtensions is nicely done.
  • Improved the security and browing speed of my device
  • Add-on so called "must have". Internet without a million scripts is fast, beautiful and safe. No "adblock" is needed using this add-on . And most valuable is, you can yourself decide what to switch on or off.
  • useful and wonderful
  • I've been using this for many years and it has always allowed me to control what scripts run or not. It can be a pain when the website requires so many redirects and script to run, but its a god send for questionable websites.

    Its included by default in the Tor Browser, and that says a lot.
  • It works as it should, but the redesigned interface does not show the full script in the drop-down list which feels like I'm flying blind on what I'm allowing or blocking. I found better that works as well.
  • It seems that only 4 months ago I wrote my old review, so I must've still had a Linux PC with Firefox version supporting Legacy add-ons back then. This new-addon system is limiting and the legacy versions aren't even available anymore - but why is this so dumbed down?
    Why is the configuration so limited, you can't get a proper choice of, for example, mozilla.org, addons.mozilla.org and https://addons.mozilla.org, and that's not nearly the worst....
    Whatever in the world happened to all the more complex configurations where you could create complicated rules on which hosts to allow when? Is it because the new addon system in FireFox just doesn't make it possible anymore?
    I'm starting to consider moving to WaterFox... I hear they keep legacy noscript still available for it.
  • Works flawlessly, tested on https://www.deviceinfo.me and no JavaScript is allowed at all. Thanks.