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I've had people recommend this thing (NoScript) to me for a long time now, and I didn't used to think I needed it, since I always just completely turned off Javascript using the Firefox preferences, unless needed. However, there is one website that I now visit on a regular basis , that requires Javascript - that website also loads Javascript stuff from another domain, some sort of tracking website I guess (I noticed the domain showing up in the browser's bottom-bar-thingie) which sometimes take a long time to load (and I have a fast internet connection too). Maybe there's some other way to block that - I suppose I could have just banned that other domain using my firewall's (I know that would work, but it seemed overly complicated and I didn't necessarily want it banned *permanently* anyway, and accessing that part of the firewall requires Admin privileges and I don't ordinarily run as Admin, certainly not while surfing), or maybe there is some more elegant Firefox way of doing that which I haven't discovered yet (already been through the Firefox prefs; maybe I missed it - a possibility) - but that was the reason I finally decided to give NoScript a try, to see if I could easily/quickly block that stupid non-necessary offsite script stuff yet still access the pages that I wanted.

Well, I've been quite pleasantly surprised by NoScript! I like that I can temporarily and *easily* and *quickly* allow/disallow specific sites as needed, and I was incredibly surprised at how *many* other (unnecessary) sites that some pages will try to load... so I can *ban* them now! Haha! :)

Things load faster now, and I feel that NoScript helps the user to feel like they're in the driver's seat and that they have some control of what's going on in their browser, instead of just taking whatever cr@p that a website tries to throw at the user.

In summary, despite having previously avoided *all* add-ons (including NoScript and all other add-ons too) for a long time, now that I've finally tried NoScript, I am pleased with it. It has been working fine for me. In fact, if I continue to be as happy with NoScript as I am right now, I will probably donate a few $ to the author if I can overcome my paranoia about using PayPal, or maybe there is some other way to donate, I don't know (I'll ask later). Anyway, I haven't yet found anything annoying about NoScript, and it seems to work fine.

I have never used Flash nor have I ever tried to watch video stuff online (partly paranoia and mostly it's just that I have an incredible lack of interest in that sort of thing), and I have no intention to start doing any of that either, so I can't say how NoScript works with that. But for all the sites that I do visit, it's great :)

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