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  • The old version of NoScript is much easier to edit the whitelist, this new version need to edit the whitelist on the debug box.
  • does its job, but.. and this is an annoying but...
    It sometimes forgets settings. I will flag a page as safe, like dailymotion for example, and I will come back after a while and it will be reset to default (blocked).
    This means I have to flag the site as safe again, in order to watch videos, browse, or even have the page load in some cases. VERY annoying.
  • missed opportunities
    1. no script in cooperation with multi-account containers
    2. a script that is marked "trusted" on one page, is also trusted on every other page, which is the same as "trusted globally".
    if page A doesn't work without script X, but page B does... why would i allow script X on page B also?

    if "disable restrictions globally (dangerous" is "dangerous", why is it even an option in the main window and not "hidden" somewhere in a sub menu?
    You can hide any button you don't plan to use frequently (or you deem to dangerous to have at hand) by dragging it towards the middle of the toolbar, into the "buttons graveryard".
  • Still a great and necessary add-on, however the interface is terribly convoluted and confusing. Old version was much better in that regard.
  • I used to love noscript but now it's impossible. It has made my browser useless, which defeats the purpose. I don't have hours to spend on one site trying to figure out what I need to allow to get the site to work. I may as well allow scripts globally & remove noscript.
  • Works good for new Firefox version. UI made much easier than it was. But reloads a web-page with annoying delay.
  • I just love it.Does what I need.Thank you!!!
  • 怎麼以前的整頁允許消失了?很多東西要一個個點很麻煩阿...
    where's the "allow whole website" "disable whole site" ? it's not really convenient to click each source in a site...
  • I've been using this *must have* addon for years. I also recommend the AdNauseam adblocker, which is so good that Google banned it. Unlike other adblockers, AdNauseam doesn't prevent content providers from getting paid because the addon silently clicks on the ads it blocks.
  • NoScript is an indispensable extension for browsing on sites that do not provide a satisfactory user experience with excessive ad scripts and popups. Unfortunately, because it is so advanced in its capabilities and its possibilities, it can confuse rather inattentive users like me. The option I judged no longer works as it was before, is actually available in a different way in this new Firefox extension architecture. I want to leave here registered how patiently I was answered and attended by the developer in broad daylight on Sunday. My big thanks to Giorgio Maone for his competent extension and his unconditional support.
  • Das WICHTIGSTE und beste Add-on für den Firefox!!!
    JavaScript, Flash, Java und andere ausführbare Inhalte nur auf vertrauenswürdigen Domains meiner Wahl zuzulassen ist schon eine feine Sache!
  • The WebExtention version doesn't yet have the power and flexibility of the old XUL version, but it gets the job done.
  • ok
  • Das Plugin wurde von Firefox empfohlen aber die Einstellung ist zu kompliziert. Die Menüführung ist ganz anders als auf den Screenshots. Die Beschreibung ist auf einer Extraseite, auf der sich wiederum mehrere Weiterleitungslinks befinden. Ich habe es wieder entfernt, weil zu User unfriendly.
  • love this app
  • Most of the UI issues and whatnot are fixed now that the WE growing pains have subsided. The menu is still a bit slow to open, maybe because of the graphical elements, but that's not a huge deal.

    At the end of the day it's absolutely essential to run this if you're at all serious about security.
  • thank you ! very useful and must-have extension for max security
  • I have been a continuous user for more than 8 years. Initially I needed security support when accessing financial data on the web. More recently I have referred to and taken action from NoScript warnings when visiting a much wider range of sites. NoScript has never let me down!

    Thanks must go to Giorgio and his team for his impressive app.
  • Toutes mes confuses !
    Just FYI: "unlimited storage" permission is needed by NoScript in order to persist your settings, and more specifically your permissions list which may become very large. Anyway, the full source code repository (with all the changes history) is available here: https://github.com/hackademix/noscript
    Hope it helps you stop conjuring theories about the intentions of this extensions.
  • thank you for your hard work and i have problem with the last version. that some websites cant get load until i disable the add-one ( i stuck in a white screen ). and thank you
    Couldy ou please report with more details here? Thanks! https://noscript.net/forum
  • I like this AddOn very much, but unfortunately it doesn't always seem to save the settings permanently. It's annoying if you have to reset the settings after every browser start. In addition, certain IP ranges should not be blocked automatically, e.g. networks.
  • One of those "must-have" add-ons. You really need this even if you think you don't
  • Хороший плагин. Отлично справляется со своей задачей. Современные сайты уж сильно перегружены сторонними "вставками".
    Однако последнее время плагин блокирует работу сайта vk.com
    Было бы удобно, если для каждого отельного cqnf можно было настроить что блокировать, а что нет. Так например, многие сайты используют google, а это не нужно. При блокировке google он недоступен везде, даже когда заходишь на сам google.
  • Great plugin for security and privacy
  • First off, I've used NoScript for a number of years and have donated and am hovering between 2-3 stars due to the terrible UI.

    Unfortunately the UI remains extremely poor, with confusing wording and very bad icon designs (w.r.t usability, nevermind esthetics). The UI uses double negatives, which is bad (ref: MS and Apple). This may be a side effect of Italian translation.

    There is not differentiation with colour: blue and red are used in the icons regardless if something is "safe" or "unsafe". The exclamation mark doesn't work that well for conveying meaning (it's "sort of" a warning, but then the "stop sign" is also used - but now the stop sign means, "stop restricting" (again - double negative))
    S!: disable restrictions (change icon. to, almost anything, change wording to: "Allow everything (including blocked scripts)")
    !: disable restrictions for this tab (change icon to almost anything else, change wording to: "Allow everything on this tab. (Maintain restrictions on blocked domains)")
    Clock!: Set all to temporarily trusted (change icon, "Temporarily Trust everything on this tab. (Maintain restrictions on blocked domains)" )
    Clock + Stop symbol: revoke temporary permissions (change icon, wording to "Normal operation"?)