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The fact that client-side scripting hasn't been outlawed or at least banned by all developed nations just goes to show you how little people understand the issue.

It used to be that those of us who knew better could run with all scripting globally disabled, but the web is developed by "artists" these days who almost require scripting to do anything. Forget that servers are more powerful than ever and there's less of a need for it; enabling javascript is sometimes required.

If you're reading this, install it or I will beat you senseless. And the first time a "friend" of yours sends you an email with a drive-by download embedded that infects everyone else with a virus, but not you because you have JS selectively disabled, you'd better send this guy a donation!

If you have a few hours to waste, just search the web on javascript and security and see how long it takes for it to sink in that you really need javascript disabled by default.

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