I feel safer with NoScript Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Just to update my previous review of a couple of years ago - I'm still using NoScript and I still think it's excellent.

I feel much safer using NoScript, than surfing without it.

It lets you fine-tune which sites' scripting you want to allow, instead of just all-on or all-off.

I didn't have any trouble figuring out how to use NoScript, well the basic functions anyway... as others have said, recently NoScript has acquired some advanced features that I don't know exactly what they are, so if in doubt I usually leave them turned off, for now anyway. I suppose I could go to the author's website and read up on it - he surely must have some info there, one would presume, but I haven't got around to it yet... I suppose that's one of the disadvantages of my unchecking the little checkbox for "Display the release notes on updates", is that now I don't automatically know what exactly has changed from one update to the next, unless I go specifically looking for the info which I suppose I should, but it's not one of my high priorities.

NoScript has an "Export" button and an "Import" button, so you can back-up and restore your settings anytime you choose. You can export/import your backup file to any location of your choosing, and you can name the file whatever you want to make it easy for you to recognize later.

Also, as others have said, NoScript is one of the main reasons I use Firefox... well, NoScript and the other add-ons listed below too :)

- Firefox 3.6.x on Linux.
- NoScript plays nicely with the other add-ons I use:
- The add-ons I have installed are, in alphabetical order: NoScript, RequestPolicy, Small Screen Renderer, User Agent Switcher, and WebDeveloper.

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