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  • Just why would you activate many Google domains per default?!? Did you consider the serious possibility of many of us basically using this extension to *get rid* of exactly those domains, which have proven again and again to violate users' privacy? Google.com, Youtube and many Google APIs activated by default? I know for a fact that this was *not* the default state a couple of releases ago.
  • An utterly confusing addon unfortunately. If you can't make a better UI then you're not really trying. Here are some problems:

    It's blocking on a per domain basis, and each domain is set to Default, but it doesn't say what that means, even in the tooltip, and neither is its icon representative for what it means. Unless you're using the addon daily you have to go into settings repeatedly just to know the restriction status of most domains.

    Speaking of icons, all of them are very complex and detailed so you'll need a few seconds with a magnifying glass to decipher each of their meanings. Instead of going with simple shapes (X and checkmark) and colors (red and green) each icon is instead a variation of the addon's own icon. Why make it this difficult to interpret them?

    Even if I allow everyt type of content by default, it still offers me to "disable restrictions in this tab" as though that would make a difference. It doesn't, it's already the default. *Enabling* restrictions in the tab would be a useful button on the other hand. I want to blacklist misbehaving domains, not micromanage every well behaved domain.

    The same thing can be said about the options to temporarily mark everything as trusted on a site, which is also useless if you trust everything by default. Temporarily untrusting everything would have been useful, but that is not offered.
  • geiles ding, danke dafür! mächtiges tool.
  • Забанило некоторые функции сайтов безвозвратно, не помогало даже удаление расширение и полное отключение блокировок расширения, не воспроизводилось онлайн-радио и ёщё много чего, помог только сброс фаерфокс. После сброса фаерфокса и самовосстановления расширений, я его повторно удалил, но он ещё раз сам устанавливался и блочил мне всё., помогло только повторное удаление. Вобщем, чтобы от него избавиться, надо сбросить фаерфокс, ждать пока самовосстановятся расширения, и ни в коем случае не загружать те страницы, на которых он заблочил функции, потом он появится, и его надо повторно удалить, тогда только спадут блокировки, иначе опять будете сбрасывать фаерфокс !
  • Please, add option to "Disable Noscript for this site", same as uBlock/adblock do. For now, I have to push "temp allow all" twice in row every time I visit site.
  • Syncing with my FF Acconut from Windows 10 to Ubuntu always deletes my settings on both systems