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  • It's so good to security and even to ads! Thanks for this amazing tool!
  • Was a great add-on
    -New interface sucks
    -"Privileged page" concept super sucks

    The whole point of the add-on is to give user back control over their browsing experience then you start taking it away. Assuming your users are too dumb to make decisions for themselves is a great way to alienate people, kind of like how Firefox lost nearly a third of its users since stripping customisation options from quantum.
  • This add-on just saved my account. I got a phishing e-mail that looked like it was legitimate, but the link pointed to a domain one letter off the original. The site didn't load properly because scripts were blocked on it. I knew I had scripts allowed for that domain. This helped me realize that the domain is not legitimate.
  • unfortunately i am with the others, the updated gui is horrible
    i just downloaded firefox and added my trusty noscript,
    like the one i have been using for many years on seamonkey

    only it is not the same, not even close
    so bad that i will be removing it from firefox and looking for another script tool

    it pains me to leave a 2 star for such a faithful companion all those years,
    i only do this in hopes the developer will heed all the others like this one

    is it just in the developers/coders blood to take a great program and tweak/modify it until it loses all its greatness?

    makes no sense to me from a practical standpoint
  • I initially installed this in my Firefox when there were many Javascript vulnerabilities, but these days it shows me that Facebook is trying to run a script with my on-line banking session at my credit union and at my trade union web site. NoScript allows me to mark that as "Untrusted," but these services still work fine without it; perhaps even better. NoScript lets me put that Facebook creep back in its place. Love it!
  • I give 4 stars but there is a glaring issue at work.
    I have numerous computers and vm's that run NoScript. With Firefox sync enabled, they all keep completely losing their settings. This causes me to have to check off every single site over and over. I've tried the export/import, but that should not be necessary every time I enter a device that hasn't been used in a while. I don't know if this is a Firefox or NoScript issue, so I did not ding NoScript for that major issue.
  • Works perfectly. No issues except, of course, restrictively allowing scripts on a per-session basis requires a little more clicking than blunt allow-all browsing - it feels good though :-)
  • A little bit of work with the tuning but does wonder with the surf experience
  • Absolutely great for security but a little annoying to keep adding exceptions. Please include a whilelist/blacklist setting so we can block specific domains instead of everything everywhere. It would be great if the settings could synchronize with sync too. There is a manual way to do it but it would be great to have that by default.