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  • I had to roll it back to an earlier version 10.2.0 , this new version forgets its settings and is horrid to use. Love the previous versions tho. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/noscript/versions/
  • When I go on the web without it, on corporate machines running preferences-locked versions of IE and Chrome, it makes me so much happier to come back again to NoScript.

    But I have some frustrations with it, like when I am using a web site and need some media to play--currently, trying to stream a sample of a song from Amazon before buying the album--and I've clicked 'temporarily allow/trust' to all 4 things that have such an option to click on the NoScript menu, and the song still does't play and there is still a 'stop' symbol with a 1 indicating that something else still must be given permission. And NoScript gives me no guidance on the 1 unfixable block. So I either disable NoScript for a few minutes, or use another browser. This is impolite, to block what I have explicitly asked it to allow.
  • Since last update the sites aren't reloaded when I enable scripts on them.
  • NoScript used to be a great extension. Now it doesn't work properly, it forgets my settings, and the UI makes no sense at all. Why should I click a tombstone with an exclamation point? Is it the monolith from 2001? What's the point when it won't remember anything I click anyway? Seriously considering uninstalling this junk.