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  • Great plugin for security and privacy
  • First off, I've used NoScript for a number of years and have donated and am hovering between 2-3 stars due to the terrible UI.

    Unfortunately the UI remains extremely poor, with confusing wording and very bad icon designs (w.r.t usability, nevermind esthetics). The UI uses double negatives, which is bad (ref: MS and Apple). This may be a side effect of Italian translation.

    There is not differentiation with colour: blue and red are used in the icons regardless if something is "safe" or "unsafe". The exclamation mark doesn't work that well for conveying meaning (it's "sort of" a warning, but then the "stop sign" is also used - but now the stop sign means, "stop restricting" (again - double negative))
    S!: disable restrictions (change icon. to, almost anything, change wording to: "Allow everything (including blocked scripts)")
    !: disable restrictions for this tab (change icon to almost anything else, change wording to: "Allow everything on this tab. (Maintain restrictions on blocked domains)")
    Clock!: Set all to temporarily trusted (change icon, "Temporarily Trust everything on this tab. (Maintain restrictions on blocked domains)" )
    Clock + Stop symbol: revoke temporary permissions (change icon, wording to "Normal operation"?)
  • Die neuste Version ist der größte Mist überhaupt, pre-settings absolut sicherheitsgefährdent und mit jedem Browser Neustart erneut das Zurücksetzen der Einstellungen auf "absolut Unsicher mit ner extra Portion JS-Erlauben und co"
  • Causes https://outlook.live.com not to work, even if I set NoScript not to filter anything. Disabling NoScript causes the site to work again.

    It would be nice if I could block scripts based on what site(or page?) I'm on in addition to what site the script is on(or maybe down to the individual script?). Like if I'm on site X permit scripts from z, but if I'm not on site X don't permit scripts from z.

    UPDATE AFTER REPLY: Even though I set every thing on the page to temporally trusted, with no restrictions on trusted and no XSS filtering set,, it still didn't work, but if I clicked on 'Disable restrictions on this tab', outlook.live.com will go back to working. What extra filtering does the 'Disable restrictions on this tab' option disable?

    Developer response

    https://outlook.live.com works just fine for me after allowing live.com, microsoft.com and office365.com. After opening the inbox some other domains try to load, but they shouldn't be required.
    Please report at https://noscript.net/forum with more details to reproduce your specific issue, thanks!
  • This is the best addon for Firefox!
  • Module efficace et indispensable avec une interface très intuitive et esthétique depuis Firefox Quantum.
  • I like it but my rules were reset a few times.
    p.s. is there a list of privileged pages?

    Developer response

    The "privileged pages" are those which WebExtensions cannot have access to, i.e. a bunch of about:xyz pages, plus the domains listed in this about:config preference:

    Anyway using this as a discussion forum is not a good idea. Please report your reset issue (and bring other discussions, if any) at https://noscript.net/forum, thank you!
  • In the Livejournal when the noscript is enabled, player youtube is not available. It's just not there. His noscript cuts out. Please fix it. This has been happening for a long time. But you can not fix it. When I turn off the noscript, everything becomes correct. Sorry for my English.
  • UPDATE: It seems, although the Firefox add-ons page was reporting NoScript it may not have been that version causing the issues, although Firefox had been re-started 3 times. Since writing the report (and those 3 re-starts after NoScript updated), the local page issues have now gone. Maybe has to be run more than once for its fixes to the bugs to take effect, and these are only picked up on browser re-start? The incorrect display of < noscript > has gone on the 4th re-start and the NoScript menu now shows a configurable file: domain for the first time since the major upgrade. Thank you for fixing! Changed from 1* to 3* [will be back to 5* if/when fully working].

    FURTHER UPDATE: It has been working ok the rest of the day, so looks like the general incompatibility with Firefox 62.0 has also been fixed. Now back to 5* thanks.

    ORIGINAL ISSUES [now fixed]:

    As others have found, Firefox 62 plus the bad and admitted severe bugs in NoScript have totalled its operation and the only way of using Firefox is to disable NoScript. Where do I start? All issues have been verified by disabling NoScript: without it no issues occur, with it enabled all occur, so it is the sole cause.

    First, after a while, as others have reported, Firefox just stops working and will show nothing. From the console, it looks like NoScript has broken the Firefox origin policy on everything. Where is it trying to import scripts from?

    The problem, reported on the NoScript forum that pages on local disks are broken since on Firefox 61.0.2 remains. The scripts (used to) run but incorrectly also showed the content of < noscript >. A moderator proved this with a use case but the report has now been deleted. In Firefox 62.0, it is now worse. The page may load once (incorrectly) if you are lucky, then if you reload it stops (previous point). There is no facility in the current UI to specify permission for local pages (I think there was before the big change to the Firefox api)

    Somewhere, probably in, the user list of allowed and blocked sites has been corrupted. was supposed to fix this and recover the situation but hasn't [on the first or second runs].

    As you just seem to delete some issues reported on your forums, please don't ask me to post there. Unless this barrage of severe errors is fixed quickly, the product is now unusable, sorry. I will be sad to have to uninstall it after around 5 years.
  • Everything is broken with FF 62 update. Youtube, Yahoo mail, literally everything. NoScript shows everything trusted, the site (every one of them) says "please enable JavaScript". Tried rc4, only made it worse

    Developer response

    Please report at https://noscript.net/forum, possibly with your NoScript Options>Export configuration file, thanks.
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  • Was working well until .webm files on my hard drive came up "@null" and not able to be whitelisted

    Developer response

    This is a known issue fixed in Please upgrade to latest release candidate (rc2) from https://noscript.net/getit#devel or wait a few hours for the stable release, thanks.
  • As of I'm finally done with NoScript.

    I've been using NoScript since 2007 on every Firefox client I have ran. That's over 10 years and it is VERY impressive it survived so long. Before the advent of "Web 2.0" and HTML 5 NoScript could do things with video streaming sites, auction sites and "other" sites bordering questionable, it was that effective (or it might of simply been all the Flash sites of that time were unsecure).

    The Golden Age has passed, it now limps in its own shadow.

    Even if it was fully functional, it is dated. Today EVERYTHING wants to run Javascript. So instead of tirelessly tweaking NoScript's settings for EVERY modern site, you'll just turn the plugin off for that site. At that point, NoScript has lost its purpose entirely. Given enough times disabling it per site, you just may disable it entirely in FireFox.

    - I get the message that "noscript" is slowing my browser down and my browser is stuck in a refresh loop. It now literally stops itself from doing more work than loading itself.

    - The interface is... not good. While it appears NoScript can actually be further fined tuned, I have to wonder if it needed that improvement. Regardless, the interface is 1. Confusing 2. Really confusing and 3. Overly crowded with options you'll rarely or may never use.

    I do thank the developer for this plugin, beyond what I can express here and now. At a certain point in time, this was THE plugin to run, even before ad blockers. Even if he pulled it down today, it will retain its legendary status for what it once accomplished (I literally will remember it until I die).
  • Keep getting this pop up -- a script in the extension "noscript" is causeing firefox to slow down

    and then the web page just sits until I either select stop noscript or disable for this page. When it then loads the page it pops up again, then again...

    Used to be very good, now not so much.
  • Very useful!
    Btw, How can i get it in Chrome?
  • not as good as it used to be, 為何"信任這個網頁所有物件"要拿掉 ?@@
  • excellent script great help. I like it very much. thanks to the developer...
  • I like the customised way of blocking or allowing specific scripts.
  • A must have.
  • Welp, it works.The only drawback is that setup menu has realy non-intuitive icons.
  • FF 61.0.2, extention dont work(
  • A must have Extension!

    However I can confirm the problems with "disable restrictions for this tab"
    It started with version
    Whenever restrictions are disabled the site will not load correctly and Firefox will become stuck in a loading loop.
    This will also result in high cpu load.
    Mainly FirefoxCP Web Content + WebExtensions

    I also use an additional ad blocker (ghostery) but disabling it won't change anything. no joy

    Only solution so far... reverting back to .16
  • This ad-on is very good, and does an excellent job of protecting your computer even if it is slightly cumbersome to use. After the newest update however, I am experiencing problems when using the "Disable restrictions for this tab" option, pages never seem to completely load, there is constantly something "waiting" "transferring" or "read" in the page activity, and it causes pop-ups to continually appear, such as "To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier."

    Upon further review, this ad-on seems to be working improperly when paired with an adblocker, as the "Waiting" "Transferring" and "Read" messages all seem to trigger a new ad to be blocked, which never happened before the August 23 update.

    Developer response

    Thanks for your report. Does it still happen with the very latest version ( If it does, could you please report with more details at https://noscript.net/forum or open a ticket at https://github.com/hackademix/noscript/? Thanks.
  • It became very difficult to use without a detailed explanation and user interface than the previous versions. In some generally used websites like fb or gmail etc., the noscript icon shows 'not all scripts are allowed' but when I click on it and found 'all listed websites are labeled allowed'. So, what can I do? I couldn't know which source javascripts of some domains referred by this page are forbidden. I am very disappointed on the new interface.

    Developer response

    It might be either a bug or another extensions interfering.
    Could you please report with more details at https://noscript.net/forum? Thanks.
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