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  • works not on Quantum :(
    But it looks nice.
    It should give another additionally search option:

    Often i do not know exactly the word to search for but the sites i surfed around that time.

    So it would be fine to have another search option which displays not ONLY the findings but in the timeline :)

    It should display one finding after another in context to it's history.
    Thus you could see all sites surfed before and after the finding. :)
    Therefore i could see all relating sites in relative history.

    When pressing next find position it should be displayed in the middle of the window with previous and eventual URLs shown.

    I hope you understand what i mean :)


    reply 1:
    Thx :)

    I want to see the findings in the exact surf history, not only the search results, yes.
    If it could be displayed inside the timeline in a separate norwell tab it would be finde. :)
    But i can see no screenshot image here.

    i'm not sure i understand what you mean about timeline in search. If you right click on any item in search results it gives you option to open timeline in separate norwell tab when this particular visit happened.
    I added two screenshots to demonstrate how it works. Searching history is just a step towards opening the timeline. Results might provide you a hint, but it's taking things out of context. Timeline allows you to see the breadcrumbs clicks etc..
  • Not working even on Firefox 56 (pre-Quantum) - can't sort or filter history list
    norwell never had such feature. so it is working as it should.
  • I want to second that firefox's history is complete garbage and this is the real thing for ff before quantum.
    Please if someone knows an equivalent for quantum, answer this review.
    An upgrade would be fantastic but I can understand if the developer is busy with more important stuff.
    Thanks a lot for all the good years of enabling firefox to have a useable history!
  • Yes at first it was a bit confusing to figure out, but I love this extension. I used it to view the url history all the way back to Oct 2014 when my lying cheating spouse set the laptop back to factory thinking it would hide everything..I did the recovery, this extension opened the Chrome and Mozilla files and gave me a beautiful timeline.I have had this extension for a while, I didn't figure it out over night.
  • Yes please Update this already ...

    Default Browsing history from firefox or other add-on are complete garbage.

    This is the only history tool that reveals all browsing history chronological/sequentially as timeline.
  • It wasn't really worth 5 stars, that would be this one https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/better-history/obciceimmggglbmelaidpjlmodcebijb?hl=en -- which isn't available for firefox... so this was the next best thing - but not available for quantum... what to do?
  • Can you please provide some help on how to access this add-on's features? In the time I spent looking for information on how to use this Add-On I could have found the website I was looking for by manually looking at the firefox history lines.

    Would not recommend until author provides some guidelines / documentation.
  • Good addon, meets the expectations and reasons why I downloaded it, however:

    You'll have no clue how to access it. No option button in the FF Extension page. I had to go to another website not connected to developer just to learn how to open a tab.

    I wish developers would think about the range of user experience. Very unfriendly and patience-wearing starting experience for me. Sure, call me dumb, but no one is born an expert. Make users crawl instead of making it easier for everybody is a mantra I will never understand.

    And why the long rant in the info area? Why not some basic guidelines instead?

    This may all come of as whinging, but really, the norms and conventions of software isn't new. A great user experience doesn't cost much and makes for increased loyalty. Don't get me wrong, solid addon, this Norwell is, but has room for lots of improvement.
  • **Edit: I wrote my own open source plugin and it's MIT license. It uses webextensions so it's compatible with latest firefox version.**

    I needed a way to list visited links on a specific date. This plugin makes it easy to do so.

    Only missing feature would be a way to sort columns on header click. It's ordered by entry time so it's ok

    *Would be nice to open source it* so anyone could contribute to this ;)

    do you even know what is open source if you are suggesting to make norwell open source?
  • Norwell lives up to its purpose, giving true Orweilian insight into your history. It features a functional user interface where you get just what you want. I faintly remember the days of anger, where Firefox builtin history would keep me in rage. No more raging with Norwell, though sometimes I hit Ctrl+H by accident.

    User interface could use some polish:
    * When there is no activity, Norwell shows a JavaScript alert. Those look ugly and are blocking the whole browser.
    * Norwell icon is bigger than other icons - or at least its button is bigger. This increases address bar height.
    * Norwell interface looks dated in general.
    what kind of alert does it show? what does it say?
  • The default Firefox History is a mess. There's no "absolute history" that records an exact timeline. When you revisit/reopen a page the same day it is put in front, messing up the history. Working from the Firefox history is really frustrating.
    As a webdeveloper I often need to find precise stuff in my history like a forgotten thread in stackoverflow or some minor page I was working on two days ago... Or counting the time I spent on a project while mixing several clients/projects.
    This tool helps a lot and is way more useful than other History add-ons I tried so far. It is even better combined with the New Tab Override add-on, so you can customize a new tab with the chrome://norwell/content/norwell.xul link to open whenever you open a new tab.
    The limits options are very useful and the search great and powerful.
    - There is no way to sort the list for instance by clicking on the columns, so no way to have most recent on top, that reduces its productivity.
    - There is no way to have some default options, you have each time to redo the filtering, again when we need to work fast is can be quite frustrating.

    Those minor hassles corrected that tool deserves five stars (and to be included in stock Firefox)! Thanks to the developer!
    the most recent history is on the bottom. just like any other standard server log. you as webdeveloper should know that. No there are no preferences if thats what you implying with the option b. norwell size was kept to the minimum to minimize bugs. Believe me some of the things were left out due to all those bugs in firefox libraries and make norwell compatible with almost any firefox version starting from versions in single digits. It's very frustrating to write anything for firefox - everything is very poorly documented. You have to understand i'm not a professional programmer. Not a programmer at all. So if it's not worth your hassles this little addon is not for you.
  • Should be in Firefox by default.
  • Has what I need to document website visits, particularly those involving shopping transactions.
  • Nothing more to say. Completely got the job done. I have been searching for how to append history for 2 days and this is the solution.
  • Intuitive in use and excellent options to drill down in history.
  • Pretty much as others said - is a decent interface that gives me what I want, wish is were the Firefox standard. Additional features such as csv export, or having it ask or auto-add to the custom bar would be even nicer.
  • A few days ago I found some very useful information on a webpage. And I thought I bookmarked it - but I didn't! :(

    The page had some good links on it, and I had clicked one of the links. But I didn't know how to work backwards from the linked page to the original, important, lost webpage. And because I had churned through so many webpages and Google searches, I didn't know the title or domain of the useful page -- I only remembered the (rough) content of it.

    Norwell took care of that for me! I just searched for the linked page, right clicked it, clicked on "open this time", right-clicked it again, and then clicked "Display breadcrumbs leading to this page"

    And.... voila.... there's the useful, lost webpage I was looking for.

    Too bad Mozilla doesn't include this themselves.
  • This is fantastic and what Firefox history should be like. It would be even better if there was a way to export to CSV or .txt, or anything really.
  • The latest version is pretty much stable
  • I had to remove my sparkling 5 star review since I cannot seem to get Norwell to display more than one day of history. The "limit" option does not work either.
  • Great way to filter on dates ( individual days ) and many other options including wildcards.
  • Not exactly a History Manager, quite limited options, but I expected a lot more. I don't think it's more useful than Firefox's own library because it has a bit more of options to offer than the Norwell History Tools. Moreover, with this tool, I know well how to move places.sqlite, but I can't save, copy, backup, import, export the history or even keeping a list of several historics saved, as I'm used in Session Manager in case of sessions which takes care of an unaccountable exclusion by Firefox, in short, it hasn't been useful to me due to this.
    Anyway, if by chance you are considering acquire this addon thinking about being a History Manager, then, bad news for you.
    I'm using firefox v 39.0.3. Maybe they've revamped firefox history to resemble history in latest release? I doubt it. It looks like English language is not your native language and you don't seem to command it very well. So how can you have some great expectations or arrive at definitive conclusions based on something you read and missed the meaning? Norwell is not history manager. History shouldn't be managed, massaged or messed with. Norwell is a tool to display existing history in chronological manner.
  • This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a list of pages I visited 5 days. Looking in Firefox's history for Last 7 days doesn't show the a link for that day if I've visited that page on a prior day. This also shows looking at a page multiple times on the same day.
  • Recovered 32k history entries from an old places.sqlite.corrupt in seconds. Fast and easy to use + useful indications in the add-on description (here on AMO). In a word, brilliant.
  • great addon. i hope if there are a way to organize search result by visit count!
    Norwell allows to narrow results by visit count: check the "limit" button
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