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  • I understand the concept and the need but stopping me from getting unsafe sites, but stopping me from getting to two of my banking sites is ridiculous. Give me some way of adding a known "safe site" to a list so I can get to the site.

    BTW - when someone does a specific URL, don't change the URL to a portion and declare it "unsafe"!
  • No reputation icons in search results. Scam Insight don't work also...
  • worked for a few days and then nothing! Vault won't open, nothing auto fills... now I have to reenter all my passwords... come on Norton! get it together!
  • Ich arbeite seit etwa 1986 mit Norton... norton_command...und andere Norton Sicherheitsprogrammen. Norton ist für mich, zur Zeit, eines der zuverlässigsten Sicherheitsprogramme, die ich kenne. War sehr froh, dass Firifox die "Zusammenarbeit mit Norton" ermöglichte, (da andere Internet Browser dies mehr bekämpften, als förderten...)...
    musste aber leider immer mehr feststellen, dass Firifox dies stellenweise auch "praktizierte"... da die "Überprüfung einer Echtheit" einer Website, (durch Norton) nicht mehr möglich war.... da deaktiviert.
    Ich hoffe nur, dass Firifox diese "gute Zusammenarbeit" mit Norton weiter verfolgt und anbietet... es wäre schade, wenn ich deshalb Firifox nicht mehr als Internet - Browser nutzen möchte ... bzw. kann.
  • it tells you when a website is safe or not , been using Norton for a long time
  • good
  • No doubt about this add on of Mozilla Fire Fox. This is really great. I have left to use the Mozila Fire Fox but now I have returned to the Mozila Fire Fox and I am surprised that they have changed from old version to new and this is really a great version. Better from chrome and the extension by offering Symantec is really great. I love it and recommend to all users of mozila that they need to use on their browser.
  • Good
  • No website ratings like the "legacy" version used to have... that was the best part in the search results.
  • Since Version 2, you can not paste in your Norton password to unlock the vault. Loss of this ability is very annoying. It really slows things down considering that the unlock password is needed at every start of Firefox (unlike IE). Please enable the unlock password field to accept Paste and/or CTRL-V! Meanwhile, I'm stuck using Version :(
  • Thank you. All plugins are great.
  • Very good!
  • Great except that it conficts with the latest firefox when I try to reply to comments in nola.com. With safe web enabled I get an error message and it won't let me reply, but with safe web disabled it works just fine.
  • good and full virus block
  • Мобильная версия не реагирует на сайты на которые реагирует полная версия расширения. Например на сайт https://mozilla-russia.org/products/
  • Nice to have
  • Norton always was the best.I did my homepage Norton Safe Search.Thank you!