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  • Nice to have
  • Norton always was the best.I did my homepage Norton Safe Search.Thank you!
  • Très efficace et simple d'utilisation
  • Call Norton @ 800-441-7234 & fixed for free if you have Norton Account

    You don't need this Add-on; call Norton @ 800-441-7234 and a tech will fix this problem for free. Apparently Norton had an expired signature. It worked for me; wish you the BEST!
  • well i too had norton toolbar disabled last night - and then found this add on in firefox - although i managed to fix the old problem by going on the norton forum - i quite like this web browser extension better so am using this instead - so far its ok
  • My Norton Security Toolbar was automatically disabled. So I found this and installed it. What's going on?
    I'll upgrade my Rating after I have used this a while :)