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  • good.
  • Slowing down browsing a LOT, and privacy policy is atrocious. And worst, your Norton install will constantly hound you if you don't have it installed.
  • do not no if it working
  • Norton means awesomeness.
  • Computer practically stopped working completely when I added this new Norton stuff. Freezes all the time, incompatible with Firefox apparently. Terrible. hate it.
  • So far it's working very well.
  • Hate that when I print something of Firefox, there is a stupid "Safe Web" box included. Anything from Norton should not show up when printed!!
  • 恐ろしいほどメモリ消費します。タブの開けすぎに注意
  • I'm a big fan of Norton.
  • Norton support Mozilla Firefox. thi
    At means awesomeness. Thanks Norton.
  • Que cada dos por tres quiere que utilices otras aplicaciones de norton, como buscador predeterminado, guardar contraseñas.....
  • the best i have found and used in a while quick, easy, secure all at a click and a glance.
  • Privacy policy summary: "We metaphorically have someone sitting besides you with an unblinking eye, watching and recording every keystroke you type and every website you visit and save this information for profit"

    It's sad users are subjected to legalese and spyware has become the accepted norm among 'free and proprietary' services. If this were some random add-on developed by some nobody it would have been appropriately removed from mozilla services.

    Protip: Firefox already has Google Safebrowsing for malware. All you really need is to block ads and malware domains with Ublock add-on and scan files with the virustotal website. If you still need this add-on, maybe you should reconsider your browsing habits.
  • Works great as a Norton extention
  • havent really used it much but I love Norton products.