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  • Norton safe web work good in chrome, but its nightmare in firefox. Its eating your RAM. Dont use it until Norton fix this add on.
  • Firefox grinds to a halt with this add-on enabled because it chews up my 16GB of RAM. Websites refuse to load or take forever to load. It brings my PC to a halt where I can't do anything.
  • With Safe Web performance has become miserable. Pages frequently take 5 to 10 seconds to load. It can also take as long for *anything* to happen when clicking a link.
    Please fix this immediately or I'll have to remove it!
  • Very nice. Works just like I expected.
  • It used to be amazing in the past!
    But now it's slowing down the browser TERRIBLY !!!!
    And it still has lots of false positives which leads to block a lot of websites that has nothing wrong with them!
    And the websites that actually has problems it doesn't block them all... So after years of using it I'm finally removing it.
    Waiting for "Windows Defender Web Protection" for Firefox. Just like when I replaced Norton Security with Windows Defender last year.
  • I love it
  • good.
  • Slowing down browsing a LOT, and privacy policy is atrocious. And worst, your Norton install will constantly hound you if you don't have it installed.
  • do not no if it working
  • Norton means awesomeness.
  • Computer practically stopped working completely when I added this new Norton stuff. Freezes all the time, incompatible with Firefox apparently. Terrible. hate it.
  • So far it's working very well.
  • Hate that when I print something of Firefox, there is a stupid "Safe Web" box included. Anything from Norton should not show up when printed!!
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