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  • Sie verunmöglicht mir den Zugriff auf das Babbel-Sprachprogramm > also schlecht!
  • Since Norton Safe Web was updated on March 11, 2019, I cannot log onto my bank accounts at CapitalOne.com. I have to first disable Norton Safe Web in order to log onto my account at CapitalOne.com. This is bad!
  • Tool macht was es soll. Meistens. Bei der Entscheidung ob ein Passwort gespeichert werden soll, gibt es einen Ja- und einen Nein-Button. Mir fehlt ein NIE-Button.
    This tool is doing what it is created for. Most times. There is a YES- and a NO-Button to save password. I would like to get a NEVER-Button, too.
  • It asked whether I wanted to change home pages. It did so while I was busy, and so I accidentally clicked outside of the yes/no dialog box. It then took over my search. And the search results through this app were horrible. So I removed it. What I want is ratings on Google's own search, not for the app to take over my home button.
  • Norton safe web work good in chrome, but its nightmare in firefox. Its eating your RAM. Dont use it until Norton fix this add on.
  • Firefox grinds to a halt with this add-on enabled because it chews up my 16GB of RAM. Websites refuse to load or take forever to load. It brings my PC to a halt where I can't do anything.