Looks good to me Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The NoRedirect extension does what it said it would and does not do what it didn't say.

This extension uses regular expressions. If you want to block all redirects you will have to add a regular expression matching all URLs, e.g. ".*". That's a dot followed by an asterisk. An asterisk alone (*) is not going to work.

Anyway, the last few reviews made me suspicious enough to have a closer look at this extension and its source code.

First, it does not hijack search results. Hijacked search results like the ones described by the previous reviewer may be sign of malware and the problem is a common one (a Web search gives plenty of results and suggestions, e.g. running a malware scan). However, I could not find any sign that this extension engages in such behaviour, nor did I find anything suspicious inside the extension's source code.

Second, it does work on Firefox 16.0.1.

@ Jason:
There are four columns. The first one is named "RegExp Pattern" and provides an edit box, the other three are checkboxes named "Source", "Allow" and "DNS error" (on that order, from left to right).

Below is the description of these settings:

RegExp Pattern
a regular expression pattern (PCRE) to match the source or destination URL

whether the pattern should match the source (checked) or destination (unchecked) URL

whether this is a redirect that should be allowed (checked) or blocked (unchecked)

DNS error
whether the browser should display a DNS error upon interdicting the redirect

My only suggestion at this point would be to add an option to enable/disable this extension. The option's value, preferably a boolean, would have to be accessible through about:config. This would allow a user to toggle NoRedirect through Prefbar's checkbox.