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  • Keeps losing the connection for no reason on some servers.
    Hello. We'd advise you on checking whether any other extension ain't interfering with the connections of ours by disabling them. If anything, drop a line to our customers' support team, for them to check what could be causing the issue and provide you with assistance on its resolve. You may reach our team out at support.nordvpn.com.
  • Does what it says . A great compliment to Nord vpn for times when you want only your browser to go through the encrypted VPN tunnel . Useful for downloading things quickly with other apps while still keeping my browsing activity away from snoops. No frills simple interface,which i prefer. Minimalist design and easy ad and rtc block buttons. I'm not a developer or even tech savvy but have been interested in privacy as of late for reasons that should be glaring to anyone interested in freedom or even politics for that matter. I'm slowly learning linux but i have had zero problems using this with Firefox. I quit using Tor after doing some homework and realizing that i was doing it wrong and putting myself and probably other people who actually need Tor at risk(not to mention slowing down the TOR network unnecessarily). Now I use Nord to keep my surfing private and hassle free. 5 stars
  • Gratuit et optimisé pour Firefox !
  • Why is this extension even necessary? I have been using Nord for years. Best VPN I have ever used. Easiest and fastest and it starts automatically on boot-up if you want. Why use this extension, just use regular NORD it has no issues at all and is typically 40 MBps over a 75 GB line. What more do you want? Just speed tested it with p2p running: 48Mps. . . . Just use regular NORD.
  • I would not stay on, as it turned itself off often. Now, it won't even turn on. Not sure why,
    Our apologies for that. Could you find time to add some details on this issue via email to support@nordvpn.com so we can work this out.