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  • does not work on the updated version
  • It is really missing is a default sound included in the extension.
  • not working on win7
  • Would love to get this working, DEVELOPER..Help us out, the interface has changed from the older instructions....
  • its over complicated to setup
    instad of just having a browse button for the sound file,
    you created a system of adding sound files independantly, why
    ???this just akes it over complicated to use and add sound files
    in the end i just gave up with adding sound files along with the menu system, again why? when drop down combo boxes would do
    its just horrendous to use and setup
    the only good thing i could say is that the concept is good but the execution is rubbish
    0/10 for effort
    0/10 for execution
    0/10 for ease of use
    /10 total
  • Just what I needed!
    Great feature the http request / ajax with customizable features!!
    Thank you, developer! (esp. for web-ext migration, dev 2 dev ;-) )
  • Das wichtigste funktioniert nicht "Download fehlgeschlagen" !!!
    Extrem komplizierte Einrichtung ohne Sinn und Verstand!
  • Doesn't work on Windows and Ubuntu :(
  • Funktioniert nicht..also 0 Sterne.
  • good, please add the start navigation sound, when clicking on a link. I know that is similar to http request but not all links make sound with http
  • Start navigation is still missing. It would be nice to hear a sound when clicking on a link.
  • (Old review Title field that was silently removed per typical Mozilla doctrine of "rip away longstanding useful features Because Modernization":)
    == Download done and Download failed no longer work; Options popup has display bugs ==

    I have found this add-on essential ever since the Firefox developers ridiculously got rid of the sound you used to get when finding text on a page would wrap back to the beginning (without that, it's easy to waste time looking at the same results in a loop without noticing at first).

    I also find the Download done and Download failed sounds very important so I don't have to keep watching the download progress bar during downloads (and don't have to bring up the download popup to explicitly check for failed downloads, since the stupid Firefox UI doesn't seem to let you know about those anymore, at least when saving web pages).

    However, unfortunately, the download sounds stopped working at some point. Thankfully, the Findbar wrapped, Session restored, and Popup Blocked sounds are still working (not sure about any others, as those are the 5 I use).

    Also, a recently introduced problem is that the Noise options popup no longer displays properly -- the scrollbar is completely off the right side (need to scroll using a mousewheel or trackpad gesture), and the three buttons at the bottom, which are the one for loading and saving settings, and I believe OK and Cancel (not sure since in the developer website screenshots, the last two are labeled in Taiwanese), are almost completely off the bottom of the window, which cannot be resized to make the cut-off controls visible.

    I hope the developer gets some time to address these recent bugs soon (the last version came out in 2016-01 as of this writing), so this add-on can return to 5-star territory. I'm not aware of any other add-ons that do the same thing.

    == Update, 2018-10-23 ==
    At some point the download done & failed sounds started working again (e.g. on Firefox ESR 52.x). I believe what happened is that the events got renamed, as once I got it working, there were two similarly named versions of "done" and two versions of "failed", and only one of each did anything. I think maybe the options popup got fixed too; not sure.

    In any case, I thought this was one of the XUL/XPCOM add-ons that would never be ported to WebExtensions, so I'm ecstatic to see that the developer was actually eventuallly able to do it. Unfortunately the options UI for the new one is quite intimidating, requiring events to be added by name with no presets available. It looks like there are now some basic instructions in "About this extension", but I've just been too busy to sit down and figure it all out yet.

    I'll update this review (and rating) again once I get the WebExtension version acting like I had the classic one working (or as close to that as the WebExtension API limitations allow you to get). Without a friendlier UI, though, I can't see my rating going above 4 stars.
  • Excellent add-on! It's easy to use, user-friendly and there's a lot of customization, you can literally change it to the core. The only thing I didn't like is the ability to control the way sounds behave, like making a sound loop, the ability to stop a sound when another sound plays etc. For example, I would like to make "Start Navigation" a loop but stop when "Stop Navigation" plays. Can you please add this? I'm sorry if it is already available, I just don't know how.

    Overall a very good extension, great job!
  • Works with FF47, thats a good start. Can be customised to a high degree. Love it!!
  • Download sound does not work....
  • Firefox 30 & 31 beta5, extension does not function. Please update? This is a nice function.
  • Got this for a beep on "download done," but this doesn't work for that now.
  • Noise + Tree Style Tab blocks the side panel (Bookmarks, history...)
  • Very useful extension. Congratulations
  • Great and the only best & the perfect sound event add on for firefox i have ever found. Its now 100 % working in firefox 26. Thanx for the update and keep up the great work!!!
  • Alert notificationbox doesnt work anymore...i use FF v. 24.0
    Hi, please create new issue on github
    or email me with more detail.
    I use the event everyday, and can't reproduce your problem.
  • I used GitHub Extension Installer 1.2.0 and manually installed your great extension from the zip package and could not get it to work in Fx 26 on win 8.1 64bit. I appreciate all your hard work.
    Hi, do you install the 1.3a xpi?
    And you will need to replace old 'dl-done' events with new 'noise-dl.add' events (in Event Guide window).

    If you have futher problems you don't like to leave a comment here, feel free to email me or use github issues to report. Thanks.
  • Popup-Sound when Download finished doesn't work with FF 26.0.Please make update!Mozilla has reworked Download-API .
  • I was looking for a reliable way to play a sound once a website had finished loading (I use a web app at work that can be slow sometimes, and I don't want to have to keep my eyes constantly on the screen, so being notified by sound will be helpful). This extension did the trick! My only suggestion would be to include "Stop Navigation" as one of the default items (since this might be what people are looking for like me), but with the documentation on the developer's site, I was able to add this one using noise-WebProgress-stop as an Event topic.
  • Doesn't work.
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