Rated 4 out of 5 stars

A decent add-on for those who want a sleeker look for their scrollbar. Everything works as intended and looks nice.

There is one request that I would personally love if implemented (though I don't know how much demand it would have)....to automatically hide the scrollbar when going into fullscreen mode. Nobody else seems to have this functionality (from what I have seen). If I had the knowledge I would try to tackle it myself, but I only know HTML/CSS and haven't really dove into programming languages much.

EDIT - @Aris: Oh ok...that's too bad. Maybe one day Mozilla will change how their scrollbar works. Opera has that functionality built in and I really liked it for viewing large pictures in fullscreen mode.

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Thanks for review.

Scrollbars don't get reloaded after switching between fullscreen mode and default mode, only after content change (e.g after a page gets loaded). So this is not possible, sorry.

Edit: I hope that too. They haven't changed or fixed scrollbars for years now.