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@ DamonDiamond

The 'Close' button never figured in the 'Add-on / Status Bar' of the original Noia eXtreme that David is trying to emulate through his Noia Fox. BTW, I'm using a different theme which does have the 'Close' button on the 'Add-on / Status Bar' - it's a nuisance and I'm hunting for a way to have it removed as it gets closed quite easily with an inadvertent click of the mouse. Scroll down for the screenshot of the 'Close' button.


The latest version of the Noia Fox is 1.1.0 - which one are you using?

@ Bunta126

The 'Tabs' of the original Noia eXtreme were *FULLY OVAL* and never *OVAL AT JUST THE TOP* (like the latest Firefox.) Remember David is trying to bring us an alternative to the erstwhile Noia eXtreme and not to Firefox 4 ;--|)

BTW, with David's first release the 'Tabs' were the way you desire - but, we protested against it beacuse the 'Tabs' looked absolutely out of place (check out my first comment on this thread and scroll down for the screenshot of how undesirable a *SEMI* oval 'Tab' looks.)

@ David

Thanks for the prompt replies

01.) The missing 'Reload / Refresh' icon seems to be a bug on MY side caused probably by the fact that I'm testing 4-5 themes at the moment (including yours and Noia 4 by aris-t2.)

02.) Glad that the green font on Noia Fox would be corrected in the following version, to display as BOLD on *SSL* sites that use 'extended validation certificates.'

03.) Unfortunately, you're right about the STRAIGHT internal border on the left-handed-side of the 'Location / Address Bar' where one types the URL / address. None of the other Developers at AMO have been able to yet skin Firefox 4 as per the Noia eXtreme theme (illustrated in the following screenshot):-


Please do NOT incorporate the *CLOSE* button on the 'Add-on / Status Bar' - it's a big nuisance


Please keep the 'Tabs' *FULLY ROUNDED* - do NOT incorporate *SEMI* oval 'Tabs' (they look totally lost and clash with the retro Noia look, check out the following screenshot if you don't believe me.)


Please check my previous comments, too.

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