"NEW Bug & OLD Bugs" Rated 4 out of 5 stars

@ David,

Here is a new bug:-

01.) The 'Reload / Refresh' icon (after being detached from the 'Location / Address Bar) is wrongly reproduced as the 'Go back one page' icon. Check the following screenshot:-


02.) Congratulations on resolving one of the previous bugs . . . . . . . PARTIALLY. The font on the 'Location / Address Bar' of your theme is now displayed correctly as GREEN on *SSL* sites that use 'extended validation certificates.' However, it still fails to be displayed in BOLD on such sites.

03.) The internal border on the left-handed-side of the 'Location / Address Bar' where one types the URL / address is STRAIGHT in your Noia Fox. On the original Noia eXtreme, it's ROUNDED. Check the following screenshot:-


Please check my previous comments, too.

(^ _^)
Chew Internet Explorer

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