Shadow on Tab hovered Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi Aris,
the setting no shadow on hovered tabs does not work on Windows XP. FF default settings is always to set white shadow.
Searched your code and found there is missing a CSS setting.
[Edit] After resetting my profile this issue was not shown anmore on hovered tabs, but now it is on non-active tabs (used Windows XP SP3 with fresh FF 4.0.1 installation and only Noia 4 as installed add-on/theme).
Also some settings in default\preferences are wrong leading to no/wrong initialising in your options dialog.

And there is an issue with TMP and its setting for progress bar. If I set to use the progress bar indicator in the tab (resulting in the small line in the tab header when loading a page) the TMP settings for colorization of it doesn't work. Can you fix that?
[Edit] Found the bug. It is not your fault. I have TMP and colorful tabs installed together. With TMP only the setting for the progress meter colour works. After installing colorful tabs this does not work anymore. I will post a comment on their review pages.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.7). 

I can't reproduce the bugs you mentioned. I tested Noia4 v1.2.4.1 on FF 4.01 on WinXP with TMP
The progressbar changes to the selected color without issues.

The tabs shadows are fine too.

I send you an email, so you can send me the mentioned code.

I tried new clean profiles on Win7 and WinXPSP3 and FF 4.0.1 but still have no issues regarding text shadows.
Could you install Slylish and setup a "style" with this content:

.tabbrowser-tab{text-shadow: none !important;}

Maybe this changes something.

TMP/ColorfulTabs problem: It seems they both use same parameters for bg and progress bg.

Tabgroup Preview Problem Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hello Aris, found another bug. In tabgroup preview the close "X" are missing.See
I'm using Noia 4 V1.1.9 under WinXP.

And many thanks for your quick update and the new dropmarker option. It works fine.But on my computer the dropmarker is at the upper border between the back/forward buttons which look quite ugly. Could you center it more (like Nuvola) or set it a the buttom (like the default postion height)?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.7). 

The missing X was found and the dropmarker position lowered in v1.1.9.1. ;-)

I decided to center the height position of the dropmaker and to use the smaller icon so it does not overlap with the back-forward icons. Adding more space between them makes it look so ugly and is not an option. But if somebody prefers the bigger button between the back and forward buttons on the same height as the default one, I could change it to that.


To your older question: Since v1.2.0 options are installed with the theme like on old Noia...

Gorgeous work Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Many, many thanks to you Aris for reactivating this wonderful theme for FF4.For the last couple of weeks there was nearly every day an update and improvement of Noia 4. Kudos to you and your hard work.Some suggestions for further improvements:+ It would be nice if Noia 4 Options could be automatically installed together with the theme (as it was in latest Noia 2 versions), so I wouldn't have to check 2 add-ons for updates+ I like the look how Noia Fox arranged the back/forward buttons together with the dropdown marker. This is a really intuitive way for using the dropdownmarker. Could you implement this too?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.7). 

1. Its not possible (anymore) just to put theme and options into one pakage and upload it over an existing theme (I tried before ;-)). In that case I have to upload that combo as a new addon/theme on a new Mozilla-site what would be a third Noia 4 on "firefox addons" pages. I don't want that.
Once the theme and options get full reviews and most things are done I (hopefully) won't have to update so often anymore and theme and options would be updated through Firefox's addons update service anyway. For now you only have to check the Noia 4 page. If there is no update listed on the frontpage, you don't have to visit the options site.

2. I just uploaded v1.1.8.6 with an option for the dropmarker to be set between back and forward buttons, but I like the default one more ;-) By the way that "function" is not from Noia Fox but from Nuvola as Noia Fox is mostly an icon changed Nuvola. I uploaded a hack of Nuvola 1.9.9 about a month ago on Noia eXtreme comments even before Noia Fox was "released". Noia Fox was based on that hack. ;-)