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  • Check out other versions : 3.38 is there for TB12.

  • Very good! Especially the alternating row color feature for easier of message headers.

    But does not work in TB12. Please update; not so good eyesight.

  • Very good, best Theme since TB 1.5.
    My every favorite. Waiting impatiently for update to TB 12.
    Gerard, please help us... ;-)

  • Love this theme, myself. I have it working with TB 11.1. However I have Mr Tech Toolkit and Add On Compatibility Reporter, so I don't know if either of those is helping but from what I understand starting with FF 10x (and TB 10?) they are making add-ons auto-compatible b/c of the rapid version changes. So you shouldn't need Mr Tech or ARC.

  • Is anyone using Thunderbird v10. with Noia 2.0 eXtreme (v3.x)? "ARE THEY COMPATIBLE"?

  • I like it too much! the color contrast is ok and makes work easier

  • Strange!
    The description only talked about it's rewritten and no one talked about what it's for, what does it do...
    Are we supposed to know it ?!

    Developer response

    This short description is a outdated, I know. It has been rewrited when TB 2.0 was published because there was many small bugs I could not correct between versions for TB 1.5 and TB 2.0. It's explained somewhere in the long description. But sorry, you have to make an effort an read it!
    Now we are near TB 9.0 and I tried to make the theme compatible with all versions between TB 2.0 and TB 9.
    What is for ? I don't understand this question. It's a TB theme : so Yes, you are supposed to know what is it for. If you don't know the answer, you can ask the same question to all the theme authors.
    And finally, if you don't like the theme, don't use it !

    Gerard D.

  • Great theme except for the icon for the star for starred mail items. What the hell is that? Sorry, I just can't stand it. If the star icon looked like a star, the theme would be a whole world better.

    Developer response

    I don't understand which icon you mean. You can send me an email (look on my web site) with screen captures to show me exactly what do you mean (and compare with default theme or an other). For the "starred" items I find in the theme, I think my icon choice is quite good. But may be you don't speak of the same one.

  • No w końcu jest do wersji 7.0.1.!!! Ufff. Najbardziej przyjazny motyw jakiego próbowałem, używam od kilku ładnych lat.

  • Great theme, have used this for years. If you go to support site (right column) there is v3.33 to download. Works fine.

  • Really great skin! My favourite!

    Only the Thunderbird Updates are extremely annoying, because after the Update the Noia-Skin doesn´t work and has to be updated too - if there is an update available. Therefore i prefer to hold the old version because of the Noia-Skin. It would be helpful, if the Thunderbird-Updates wouldn't touch the Theme-Add-Ons. Maybe in future...

  • My all time favorite. PLEASE update for TB 7*?

  • Gerard- I understand your frustration over the updates. I'm sure several of us feel the same. At least the Firefox Noia continues to be compatible. Thank you for all your work.

  • What a fantastic theme, it's given Thunderbird a whole new lease of life. So much so, I've installed the version for Firefox!

  • Glad to see this on Thunderbird 5. I'm a fan of the Firefox version of Noia 2.0 eXtreme and now I can use it on Thunderbird too!

  • 3.30 version is out and is compatible with Thunderbird 5.0

    You can get it with the official website ;)

  • It's always my favorite, thanks a lot!
    I hope to see the version for TB 5.x soon!

  • I love this theme.

    I did have a problem with 3.26. When I went from 3.25 to 3.26, Compact Header extension stopped working. I will stick with 3.25 for now, as it works fine with TB 3.15.

  • Very nice theme. Simple and clear. Good work. Congratulations. (This theme suits me very well without calendar). it would be wise to include in the presentation of the theme without a timetable.If you want to add a calendar, it would be better to create another theme.Thank youThis text was translated from french to english with google

  • Im using same theme on my Firefox and Thunderbird. Its the only one I recommend to friends because of the ease of use.

  • yuck, terrible, sorry

  • the design is easy to read and clear in the structure so that I installed the theme. However it turns out that some calendars are not displayed anymore, Installing the standard theme the content of these calendars are back.

  • This is my favorite Skin.

    However I've noticed a small bug. How can I report ist?

    This Skin completely crashes the design of the "Migration Assistant" in Thunderbird 3.1. All images are missing and all text in this assistant are wrongly formatted.

  • This is my favorite Skin.

    However I've noticed a small bug. How can I report ist?

    This Skin completely crashes the design of the "Migration Assistant". All images are missing and all text in this assistant are wrongly formatted.

  • This theme is really very nice and glassy look which is very attractive. The only thing I don't like is the FLAT message pane. Is it possible to give it a glass look?

    Also, the tab at the top is very broad. If it is made little small, looks very nice..