90 reviews for this add-on
  • This is/was an awesome theme. I'm delaying upgrading to TB 45 because this was my absolute favorite theme (frankly, the only useful one in my mind). Please update it, many of us would sincerely be grateful!
  • It's the best addon of Thunderbird. I love it.

    But after 45.0 version no longer works.

    Please, fix it!!
  • I love this theme, but I just updated to Thunderbird 45.0 and it seems not compatible with it. :(
    Thanks for fixing!!
  • Hi, I'm testing the portable version of Thunderbird version 45.0, and is not supported :(
  • Best theme, I have used it many, many years
  • Nach einem Thunderbird Update funktionierten Lightning und die Rechtschreibprüfung nicht mehr korrekt.
    Es hat mich ein paar graue Haare gekostet, bis ich heraus fand das es an einem anderen Theme gelegen hat.

    Seit dem ich dieses Theme verwende funktioniert Alles wieder einwandfrei und es sieht auch noch toll aus...

    Danke dafür!
  • Its look nice, but somehow i have a problem with chat option, its not comfortable to use
  • I always liked this theme, and used it for several years. I am not sure when it last became non-compatible, but it always seemed to take a little time to catch up with updates. Has there been any replacement other than Noia Fox.? I really would like to see the full Extreme version back.
    Due to a problem with the validator on Mozilla's site, I'm unable to upload new versions. This problem is not new, is known, ... but nobody has solved it.
    So download versions form my own web site.
  • This is a great theme. There are references to Vsn 3.47 in the reviews below. What has happened to it?
    It's use of blue bars in the listing of emails is something I have not seen with any other theme. The icon set is beautiful.
    Please make it compatible with Vsn. 24.1
  • I think it's the best theme for thunderbird, even now compatible with Thunderbird version 24.0. Excellent in my opinion. Use already for a long time, and do not change! Congrats to the developer!!
  • Thank you so much for the update. This is the best theme for Thunderbird.
  • более 5 лет сижу на этой теме.
    несколько раз пытался найти что-то по-лучше,
    но всегда возвращаюсь к ней.

    только пока не вышло обновление,
    вынужден использовать другие ( похожие ) темы.
    Noia Fox 2.1.2

    с нетерпением жду обновления !!!

    Большое Спасибо !
    Большое Спасибо !
    A new release is available on my own web site.
  • Versions available for tb 24.0 is here
    And now the release :
  • Still my favorite, using TB16. Thanks, Gerard :)
  • some Themes don't work with the current TB 17 in this case you can try "Titlebar Tabs Cleaner"
    Thanks for the info Mark.For other users : With Titlebar cleaner, Noia2 theme works with TB 17. Nevertheless, you'll have to adapt inside the xpi file, three install.rdf files to support the TB max version. Put 17.*, it's OK.And of course, you'll have to accept a few visual bugs. I work on an update. Be patient ...
  • I love this add on and am hoping an upgrade will be coming for Thunderbird 17
  • I find it's the best for me -- and it works in TB 16.0.2:

    Download Version 3.42 (with standard XT included) from:

    In TB:
    Tools > Add Ons > Appearance
    Click the little "gear" icon in the upper bar near the search box
    Select "Install Add-On from File"

    And there you go. :)
  • Dieses Thema mag ich sehr und ich finde es schade, wenn es nach einer Aktualisierung von Thunderbird nicht mehr läuft.
  • Guys Thanks for all the work you do with Noia, Firefox and Thunderbird isn't complete with out Noia Themes, they are the best out there. We need an update for Thunderbird 16 and beyond. Hope you can help all of us out soon. Again Thank You so much for all the hard work. greatly appreciated.
  • The version 3.41 functions splendidly with TB15, unfortunately, not with TB16.

    Thanks already for a quick update.

    *The Version 3.42 from your page http://thunderbird-noia2.pagesperso-orange.fr/page2.html works with TB16 = THANKS!
  • It doesn't work with the latest TB version.....
  • Noia is great and I've been using it since it first came out. Looking forward to more of your work and newer versions for thunderbird.

    Thank you for version 3.41 available at your site. http://thunderbird-noia2.pagesperso-orange.fr/page2.html It works great with TB 15.
  • please create update for TB version 15
  • There is problem with new version (3.38) and TB 12.0.1

    Here the bar in version 3.37 (No problems):

    Here the bar in version 3.38 (Curves icons)

    Use small icons - Enabled
    I'm unable to reproduce the bug you observed. For me, it works correctly, as expected, and with several OS : windows XP, 7, Linux and with all icons configurations : icons+text, icons alone, text alone, small or big icons.
    Sometimes, I observe that after a theme update, there are a few things wrongs in the interface, but things are good again after a TB restart. Why ? I don't know.

    Gerard D.
  • Ahh, it's nice to have this theme available again. You can get (currently non-certified) version 3.38 from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/noia-20-extreme-v3x/versions/