NoClick Version History

12 versions

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Version 3.1 16.8 kB Works with Firefox 6.0a1 and later

Fixed Bugs:
#27 AwesomeBar popup inaccessible
#28 URLBar RightClick (contextmenu) inaccessible
#29 SearchBar RightClick (contextmenu) inaccessible

New Feature Preferences:
#22 Auto_Drop-Down Select Boxes (option)
#23 Check-boxes auto select (option)
#24 Radio Button auto select (option)

Version 3.0 17.1 kB Works with Firefox 3.6 and later

Added url bar auto focus.
Added search bar auto focus.
Added auto select tabs on mouseover.
Added auto checking on input checkboxs on mouseover.
Added auto display of options for select lists.

Version 2.7 16.5 kB Works with Firefox 3.6 and later

Frames are now included once again (this was a bug when i switched from attaching noclick.js to pagemod to tabs), this help slim code down in the add-on script, and also adding functionality to all pages without having to refresh each page individually.

Version 2.6 16.1 kB Works with Firefox 3.6b2 and later

Fixed Bugs and added a new on typing feature to enable saving cursor position from where user last typed.

Version 2.5 15.4 kB Works with Firefox 10.0 and later

Major Update: Added User Preferences for colors and cursor logic (user selection for where cursor defaults in element boxes), cleaned up code,

Version 2.1 13.7 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 and later

Updated to include textareas using the same functionality as used with input fields. Also added more properties to package.json and hidden user preferences are present and ready for next release but are unused.

Version 1.5 9.1 kB Works with Firefox 21.0 and later

Added Simple Preference to enable and select color around input field boarders.

Version 1.1.1 177.5 kB Works with Firefox 6.0 and later

Repacked with the SDK version 1.14

Version 1.1 138.2 kB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

Changed border to green outline instead of black background and green text.
Removed unneeded vars

Version 1.0 138.2 kB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

-added styles to indicate what nodes are affected by color (black and green)
-added evenlisteners for Domonscroll to reset the selected texted
-added a flipflop bit for mouseover event to make selection on the start or the end.

Version 0.2 138.2 kB Works with Firefox 5.0 and later

Added* all text is selected onmouseout
Added* onmouseover focus onlast selected portion of text

Version 0.1 128.0 kB Works with Firefox 3.6 and later