14 reviews for this add-on
  • I tried to watch flash videos in an old website but it did not work! Do not lost your time installing this plugin.

  • Feb 19 -2017, this WORKS! I'm in linux mint 17 Qiana, running Firefox as my main browser. It takes a few more seconds to load, but it works again.

  • I think the title pretty much says it all. It does not do a damn thing! Rating should of been zero !!!

  • Cumple la funcion de forzar el HTML5 en las paginas que lo tienen.
    Me encanto.

  • Work, but i must disable flash. HTML5 YouTube Everywhere 0.5.7beta is better. This addon force html5 youtube video embeded on all sites (only on yt recomended is disable this addon)

  • Works brilliantly on eg Dailymotion, after I *disactivated* Flash plugin (in Firefox » Add-ons » Plugins). Get the same nice result if Flash's uninstalled.
    And BTW,Html5-video-everywhere (another add-on) did not work on Dailymotion's suckin' website.

  • Seems to work great, but doesn't replace embedded YouTube videos when Shumway is also enabled.

  • Does NOTHING.
    "Rating" needs zero or less.

  • I downloaded this and was thrilled at first, but then I got suspicious. I went online to http://cbtcafe.com/ because they have flash videos and I wished to test it. It didn't work. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. ITS A SCAM.

  • If your browser has Flash Player installed, this add-on is useful. But if Flash Player plugin is not installed, like my browser, YouTube automatically use the HTML5 player instead.

    So in the case of mine this add-on is useless. But using HTML5 player in Firefox don't give you ability to switch to 480p and 1080p that would be fixed in the later version of Firefox.

  • IT WORKS! July 31st 2014.
    The best application I've found to save valuable cpu power. Flash is an ancient trashy software that should be outlawed. It is a power hungry crap that does a million useless shit. This Firefox addon has come to the rescue and did away with flash that required flash by default on main video sites as well as from websites that have embedded flash videos. It works 100%. I highly recommend this addon.

  • Unfortunately, this addon doesn't work.

  • Flash hurts performance on my computer pretty heavily. Between this and Flashblock I can keep it from loading until I need it.

  • Thanks to No Flash I was able to get rid of flash on my system. YouTube still works great and that's the only page I whitelisted flash anyway.