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  • Can't live without it! Would be even better if there were also a R. click context menu toggle on/off choice.
  • This is such a good find. Perfect for when my customised set-up means I can no longer see text etc in a page.
    Now that I've found it I can't imagine being without it. Simple to use and very good at its job - thankyou, Developer :)
  • It's pretty good not perfect but good
  • I like this extension, but could you (the Maker) make it delete colors by default?
  • Works for me. My eyes says: Thank you.
  • 可以去掉页面颜色。但不能自动去掉,每个页面都要点一下按钮才行,还不够方便
  • brutal big icon, horrible, should go back to the previous version !!!
  • It would be noce it it worked more like the "Blank your monitor + easy reading" addon for firefox.. (Dosent work from Firefox v57...

    This app should have a key shortcut and user should be able to change that..
    Be able to set a color schemas for background and foreground.. Might also be easier to add to the this add on then the current method since it dosent work properly on Mozillas add ons page...
    Also when opening a new tab i have to click once again.. it would be better if it was either on or off..
  • 有些時候於網頁閱讀上很有幫助:)
  • I cannot find the No Color button in Customize window, therefore no way to enable add-on! It was working at one time but no longer.
  • I used this for years and really liked it. Suddenly, the "No Color" button is not to be found -- not on the existing menus or toolbars, and not shown as an option for customizing them. So, with the extension installed, there is no way for me to activate its features. ?? I hope that the author will find a way to fix this and continue with No Color.
  • No way to move button from URL bar, even with customize, and no other button there. Worse, it just removes backgrounds, and no way to customize it (for example, no way to set it to use #888888 gray globally).
  • This is a great add-on to thwart the ubiquitous trend of bad design: illegible gray text. You've saved my eyesight!

    I'm running the latest Linux build, Fx 53.0.2, on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (this problem began with Fx 53.0.0).

    The icon is now in the URL/location/address bar & cannot be moved via "Customize" - it disappears in customize mode.

    I'd like the option to move it. Have looked through about:config but couldn't find an entry. Any tips?

    Thanks Very Much!
  • Simple and do its function.
  • This addon would be better if it was possible to hide colors on tabs by default.

    At present every time a tab is reloaded or a new tab is opened I have to click the hide color button again.

    There is maybe a work around already, if so this should be included in the supporting documentation.
  • I don't understand why this addon doesn't ignore colors by defaul. Why?
  • Entre autres défauts, lorsque cette extension est supprimée les couleurs normales des sites ne reviennent pas.
  • I wonder because of Firefox specification changes?
    Were grade down in version 0.4. Color disappears when you click on a page-by-page basis.
    And desirable, either color disappears in full page, color disappears by default.
  • Broken by the April 13, 2015 update.
    Can't re-enable colors using NoColor.
    Workaround: go to "about:config", and change the setting "browser.display.use_document_colors".
  • I would appreciate if you can build one with similar features for Chrome. I have been thinking building one myself, but couldn't find time. Also I'm totally new to building browser plugins. Thanks!
  • WARNING: This add-on, it seems, has ruined my browsing. I decided I didn't want it so removed it, now every single site I visit has a black background, white text, and unreadable blue links. A lot of page elements are now invisible. Nothing I do overrides this. I have tried reinstalling the addon, but the toggle button is greyed out no matter what I do, and clicking the toggle option in the view menu does nothing. Restoring to default theme does not solve the problem either. Even in safe mode the problem is still there. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, it is STILL stuck like this. I may actually have to change browsers because this extension has ruined everything. I even had to write this review from a different browser because I couldn't give a rating in Firefox (element was invisible and could not be set). I would seriously recommend nobody downloads this, because if you decide you don't like it, it won't let you change back. To whoever made this: thanks for nothing, from now on fix your buggy software before releasing it.
  • Opera had this feature in at least up to v. 12, and it's good to see it in FireFox now.
  • This is great - how many times have I been slammed in the eyeballs by neon colored web page backgrounds complete with after-images when I look away from the screen. Now I can just make the background white and read the web page in comfort.
  • Inert! Installed fine; got View Menu entry fine, but does nada.
    I use Stylish theme and have color prefs. set for white text on gray background. Maybe it's allergic to one or both?

    FF31 user