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55 reviews for this add-on
  • Detected a miner in a page that I used for printing holiday gift papers. So for me it works!

  • Lies, it does not work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bardzo dobry dodatek przydaje się kiedy przeglądamy strony internetowe nie musimy wtedy się martwić że ktoś korzysta z naszych podzespołów do kopania bitcoinów

  • Assume PROJECT ABANDONED. No developer activity on github since Feb 2018. blacklist.txt embedded in the extension XPI is 02/25/18 which cannot be expected as effective by any standard.

  • Otimo , Finalmente posso assistir um video sem o uso da cpu ficar em 80%

  • Not working on none of the websites I tried.

  • Notifies you of miners on websites :. Must have

  • Test

  • Tested on and it doesn't work ! Gonna try other add-on, thanks !

  • appears to continue to mine even with this extension. What's going on? Compare this with the "Mining Blocker" add-on which actually seems to work!

  • -- Don't working !!

  • tested on coinhive, doesn't block shit

  • does what it says great addon, although i do have a request can you block miners that are added in through addons? (they seem to be popping up now)

  • good

  • Blocks browser crypto miners. Deserves 5 stars for that alone.

  • Tested on and it did not block anything.

  • Check this article: Disabling thru ad-block plus allows the miner to run even without white listing in no coin. Bad enough that the casual builder cannot afford to build a new system because of GPU prices let alone sites like this using (abusing) CPU cycles. Hoping Bitcoin and it clones crater so this stuff goes by the way side.

  • De mucha gracias!

  • Sígan mejorandolo para que nos proteja de los más mineros posibles, ¡gran idea y excelente trabajo!

  • My antivirus keep warning me about a trojan and a worm each time i add it

  • it work

  • Not sure if it blocked something yet

  • شكرااا جداا ♥

  • Stopped working at Worked fine for a couple of weeks but then just stopped. I guess the found a breech.

  • 这款扩展程序可以有效的拦截以CoinHive为主的在线挖矿代码提供商,不过现在诸如AdBlock等广告拦截扩展也已经屏蔽CoinHive的挖矿地址,不过可以都安装,毕竟术业有专攻。所以还是继续推荐NoCoin。