204 reviews
  • A must have!
  • One of the first addons I always install.
    I edited the maxversion in the RDF so I could install this for all user accounts.
    Please add a titlebar variable showing the number of open tabs.
  • For some reason your install.rdf had max version set to 3.0a1 instead of 3.6a1
    i updated it to use 3.6 as a final. not sure how to get you the diff if you want it. i will be glad to send it to you
    You can reach me from the email in my account if you need to.
  • No problems with it here on 3.5.1.......hate to see it is no longer being maintained.
  • No problems with it here on 3.5.1.......hate to see it is no longer being maintained.
  • No problems with it here on 3.5.1.......hate to see it is no longer being maintained.
  • I don't find a problem with using it in the latest Minefield build.
  • Nice until ff3.5 it makes it so slow for every task. (Ubuntu Jaunty)
  • Handy, but a tad flaky under Firefox 3.5. Unfortunately, Mossop is no longer maintaining it.
  • after i add this addon, i found Google gears didn't work, how to deal with it?
  • So useful! Thanks a lot!
  • 非常的不错
  • I saw it awhile back and knew it would come in handy(so I just saved the link in my fevorites, and sure enough it did exactly what I hoped it would do!!!!

    Thanks for making my 3.5 transition seamless :) I've still got FFx 3.0.11 installed JUST IN CASE ;)

    If your add-ons aren't working with 3.5, give this a try! So far it seems to be working great for me! =D Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU....
  • Just override all compatibilities issues with RC3!!!
    what a great little addon.
  • Must Add-on for 3.5RC2! Thanks a lot.
  • Must Add-on for 3.5RC2! Thanks a lot.
  • Best. Hack. Ever.
  • Most of Firefox add-ons are not updated to maxversion, even if they are compatible. For instance, all the add-ons I used with Firefox 3.0 work with Firefox 3.5. Thanks to this add-on, I got back all of them with a single click!
  • MasterChief, I don't get it...this thing didn't let the old "Firefox for Windows Vista" work right.
    It looks wrong.

    Good add on though.
    Wish I could ask you.

    You can IM me at PimpUigi
  • Are you kidding me !?!?!?!

    THIS IS AN AMAZING ADD ON !!!! I would be up a CREEK without this thing.

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT !!!!
  • I would rate 5 stars except it's missing one important feature. Firefox addons do not let people download firefox 2 addons on firefox. Yes most firefox addons now support firefox 3 but some don't and without this feature i cannot rate it a 5. Maybe somehow you could temporarily immitate as firefox 2. Otherwise Good Job!
  • Very usefull when you update Firefox and the plugins dont work, a must have!
  • Great tool for developers!! :)
    Works great
  • doesn't work on 3.1beta2
    bulid1 hope update soon