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  • Firefox 3.7a5 works fine
  • This extension is great, but it seems the developer does not have plans to support Firefox 3.7 due to significant changes to the addon manager[1].
    He suggest that "Add-on Compatibility Reporter"[2] by Mozilla will (in the future) be a good alternative.
    [1] http://www.oxymoronical.com/blog/2010/05/Where-is-the-updated-Nightly-Tester-Tools
    [2] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/15003/
  • Okay. I have to be missing something here. Firefox 3.7a5pre. I show the tool is enabled, but how do I make it override compatibility for my extensions?!
  • Does NOT work with current nightly versions … #fail
  • Please help. The option to override compatibility to visible
  • I have used this for a long time but now with the new add ons manager in minefield it does not work to override compatibility in add ons if fact I cannot find any way to do it hopefully Nightly tester tools will be updated for this new interface:)
  • Just add to your about:config


    set it to false. and you dont even need this extention
  • How to use it with firefox 3.7a5 new addon interface ? all buttons to over ride compatibility are missing. Seems the addon itself is not compatible.
    Please fix it asap. Its a great tool we want to use.
  • how to use it with latest minefield build ? 3.7alpha5 ? Esp. on the new interface there is no override all option. Also in each addon right click there is no menu for override. please fix it.
  • would have been nice to keep some basic tools compatible with firefox 2. there's nothing wrong with firefox 2! why is everything rolling off?!
  • A must-have to ensure your other add-ons work with all the incremental roll-outs of Firefox.
  • Please check out this site http://codefromthe70s.org/sslblacklist.aspx , because it also has a sslblacklist-localdb-1.0.8.xpi which uses a local database to detect bad certificates, instead of relying apon DNS responses, which can be fooled while the local database can't be! The local database one has to be installed second after the first one is installed!!
    PS: Everyone should use the UpdateNotifier addon, which updates all addons and themes of your Firefox edition so you don't have to.
  • Excelente Extensão. Não pode faltar no Firefox de ninguém. Aprovada e Testada no Firefox 3.6.3. Parabéns ao Desenvolvedor!!!
  • It doesn't work with sunbird 0.9.
    I opened the install.rdf file and didn't see ANY node for sunbird, only firefox, thunderbird, suiterunner and sONGbird.
  • Thanks for this addon works great and made my old addons compatible with firefox, with NO side-effects(well none yet anyway).
  • can not work with personas

  • 3.7a3pre please?
    Great add on otherwise!!
  • Yeh, I can't understand what sort of testers you are if you can't make the extension compatible yourself.

    Come on, now. really. What happens when you compile the next build..?
  • A must have! Works great... To those complaining or giving 1 or 2 star's.. Either keep a copy of 3.5 & install that first or just manually edit 3.6+ to allow install =) .
  • A must have! Works great... To those complaining or giving 1 or 2 star's.. Either keep a copy of 3.5 & install that first or just manually edit 3.6+ to allow install =) .
  • good
  • Thanks - Great Plugin - fixed up 4 add-on compatibility issues I had with 3.6 update

    Might mention - system seems to need a REBOOT rather than restarting firefox after the install??
  • There are too many people rating this down because it isn't compatible with Firefox 3.X. Just stop 1-starring this and edit the compatibility values yourself.
  • This add-on it great. It allows me to use RedShift without waiting for the next version.
  • Great addon, saves time installing addons to Minefield, and titlebar ID is very useful.