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  • Best.
  • I'm using it to make "Hide Caption Titlebar Plus (Smart)" work in Firefox 5. Working fine for me.
  • doesn't work with Firefox 5
  • WildcatRay: yes it should (blush). I've submitted a further update.
  • For Combinate with 7 use:
    Logic parametrs:
  • Tried to install MouseControl but did not work.
  • I have NTT version 3.1.6 and FF 3.6.17. I can no longer see the force compatibility button so have lost use of many of my extensions. Does anyone have any idea why this might be and how to resolve it. Thanks.
  • Won't do anything for the uTorrent addon by Thinkpond.org or gmail notifier :(. FF4, be damned.
  • Although AMO reports compatibility with up to 6.0.* I had to change the install.rdf to facilitate this... great tool as usual anyway.
  • before i was lost my nerves with delicious toolbar incompatibility to FF4...after many sleepless nights and searches finally i find this great add-on. Thank YOU people. keep good work.
  • I know it is silly but can you add a icon for this add on? I think it would look better with an icon next to its name in the menu instead of blank . Just like an icon is showed for print or add-ons in the menu as shown in your screenshot. It more attractive -___- ( I know it silly but cannot help it).
  • Was great by the years, but not work anymore, and seems not to be maintained.Fortunately, Addon Compatibility Reporter do the trick, but havn't all of the options !
  • I was equally concerned as previous reviewers that the "Force compatibility" was gone.
    But I just discovered it only seems to be the button that has gone from the AddOns window/box. If I go to the Tools menu and select "Force AddOn Compatibility" from the Nightly Testers Tools menu, it still works. (Thank Heavens!).
    "Options" is greyed out as well but I can't remember if everything there is also available from the Tools sub-menu, so it would still be nice to get it working as before again.
  • There is some bugs with ff 4 rc1 on my pc. Please check it up.
  • With FF 3.6.15 Options and Override Compatibilty have disappeared here too...
  • Loved and used this for years, just for allowing use of old extensions.
    But it is broken, with the latest update to firefox 3.6.15

    I get no 'options' button, and no 'over ride compatibility' button.

    Is this just me?
  • I really like "customize titlebar " function :-)
  • looks like my previous review got lost, and since I don't have a backup I'll just leave my rating this time...
  • I hope this is marked compatible soon with beta9pre, but until then:
    Please create a boolean preference named extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b and set it to false.
  • Good addon. The override compatibility is on Tools/Nightly Tester Tools/Force Addon Compatibility
    It then sets it for all addons. No longer the per-addon option.
    I also only wanted for this, unfortunately Compatibility Reporter (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/15003/) is not compatible with Thunderbird 3.3a :(
  • The only reason I need this extension is for the compatibility override.
    While it works in the FF version, it doesn't in the TB version.
    1 star.
  • Can't override add-on compatibility

    On Thunderbird 3.1.7 with NTT 3.0
  • Glad to see 4.0 compatibility too! Thanks!
  • can't find overide button under 4.0 b7
  • Love this add-on. Missed it for a while. Glad to see 4.0 compatibility with this update.
    Though NTT really needs to be listed in the Firefox Menu button - rather than under 'tools' - those of us that don't use the Menu-bar must press ALT to get to Tools. Hopefully this can be addressed in future updates.