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  • I like it, I still miss the "open bookmark in new tab"
  • How can i use "Force Addon Compatibility"...
    Just in short this feature is not necessary anymore since Firefox 57 when only extensions based on the WebExtension API are allowed in Firefox. As such it has been removed.

    If you have problems with a feature you should contact the support site or send an email instead of writing negative reviews on AMO. We would be happy if you could adjust your rating. Thanks.
  • Sadly it doesn't work anymore to force addons compatibility =(
  • I'll use this occasionally with Waterfox.

    More generally – for any Firefox-like browser – identifying extensions primarily by name is troublesome. Because addons.mozilla.org (AMO) too often makes it unnecessarily difficult to find by name; because developers too often use multiple names for a single product; and so on – so I can't give five stars.

    The extension could be improved by more positively identifying extensions. Include:

    - either the AMO address of the extension, non-localised, for example https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/nightly-tester-tools/
    - or (if not listed on AMO) ideally the support URL, less ideally the home URL.

    If no URLs is associated with the extension, be explicit about the absence of a support URL.
    Thank you for the review. Also those are helpful information in how we can make NTT a better extension. Would you mind to file those as new issues in our issue tracker on github? We would kinda appreciate it, and make sure that it will be included in one of the future releases.

    The issue tracker can be found here: https://github.com/mozilla/nightlytt/issues

  • Is "disable addon compatibility checking" feature still there? Can't find it anymore.
  • Please do not ONLY use WebExtensions, read this:

    and make Pale Moon work again.
  • @ Henriik
    I understand your sensitivity to my recent review in which (among other things) I congratulated you on keeping Nightly afloat.
    I cannot, in all honesty, change my "star rating" because, whosoever's fault it is, Nightly is a shadow of it's former self.
    Sadly, I do not have the skills required to help. This makes me sad.
    You are welcome to raise issues of missing or broken behavior on Github. The issue tracker for the add-on can be found at https://github.com/mozilla/nightlytt/issues.

    At least with that you can let us know of things you are not satisfied with. Please file individual issues for each of the things you have in mind if not existent yet.
  • Why we skip support from Web Extension version of the add on for 55 version of Firefox?
    Can you please explain what you mean with `WE`? Also do you ask regarding the uploaded beta version of the rewritten extension? Maybe you can clarify the question a bit. Thanks.
  • The user who wrote the reviews as IMHO an idiot (almost!). The developer took his time and gave a considered reply Solving the reviewers problems. And why I am writing this is becasue he did not even have the manners to thank for the reponse. I hope most things get screwed up for him/her. We need better standards on the web. Feel free to repond to me offline. Dont know if poss from this site.
  • 5 Stars
  • "Use comma between entries when copying the list of extensions (#195)"

    You just screwed this up big time. Without the commas, I could add the list of extensions into an Excel spreadsheet. I used the spreadsheet to compare my various profiles across my computers.

    Now, because you made this change after all the YEARS that NTT has been around, I now have to work around this if I am going to maintain my spreadsheet.

    I’m guessing you never stopped to consider how this change was going to affect those of us who have been using NTT all these years before acting on it. Thanks a lot.

    Reply: Incorrect! All I needed to do prior to this change was Ctrl+V to paste the list of extensions into Excel.

    I do not import which is what you are talking about. I pasted. I can't do that now because the entire list goes in one (1) cell rendering things worthless.

    Again, you failed to consider the unintended consequences of this change before making it.
    The problem here is not that we are using comma now, but the way how you import the data into Excel. It means there is always a way to import as CSV which let you specify the separator between entries. So once you selected comma all is still working and no extra work has to be done.
  • Leider funktioniert dieses bisher sehr gute AddOn ab Firefox V. 48.x nicht mehr!
    Ursache ist die Modifizierung von Firefox betreffend Richtlinien in Sachen AddOns.

    Abhilfe gibt es keine, außer sich nach aktuellen oder ähnlichen AddOns umzusehen, welche man nicht mittels
    "Nightly Tester Tools" freischalten muß.
    Man kann somit getrost unter Firefox 48.x "Nightly Tester Tools" deaktivieren, oder gleich deinstallieren.
    Danke für das Feedback. Ich hätte jedoch noch eine Frage, da die Funktion, die hier angesprochen wird, nicht Teil von NTT ist und auch nie sein wird.

    Mit Firefox 48 sind signierte Add-ons vorgeschrieben. Daran kann auch NTT nichts ändern. In den Release-Versionen kann die Überprüfung so halt nicht deaktiviert werden. Firefox blockiert es einfach. In nightly Builds sollte es noch möglich sein, hierzu nehmen wir gern einen Feature-Request entgegen: https://github.com/mozilla/nightlytt/issues

    Es ist jedoch unfair, eine Bewertung über eine Funktion abzugeben, die bis jetzt nicht unterstützt wird.
  • The option to disable addon compatibility checking does not work in Firefox 48.
    We are currently preparing a new release of NTT. It will be available in the next couple of days. It will fix this and other issues.

    Update: Would you mind testing NTT again? It was fixed in version 3.8 and over the weekend we already released 3.9. Thanks.
  • Good way to force the installation of incompatible extensions.
  • Hi,
    All the features seems awesome but I can't manage to find them anywhere. No menu under the main menu, neither under Tools menu and no options button in face of the add-on in the manager so I don't know how to configure it.
    I'm using Pale Moon 25.2.1 (x86) under windows 7.
    Thanks again.
  • Had no icon or features for ghostery until I used this addon
  • I just use this extension to disable extension capability checking. I'm sure it's more powerful than that, but it does what I need and it light and simple. 5 star.
  • OK, thank you for answering.

    Like I said, I have tested your add-on for a few weeks with different add-ons and browser crashes. After first install, I had some problems but I think it was my fault because I didn't know how to use your add-on properly. I had only two times Firefox crashes (Aurora). I HAD before installed your add-on very often crashes (especially when Firefox reached 700 MB to 1,5 GB memory usage). I think that your add-on helped to make Firefox more stable?

    I will use Nightly Tester Tools. I'll report if I've issues. For now, it works great. 5 stars for your add-on.
    Hello. As you are mentioning a lot of crashes I'm highly interested in those reports. Would you mind to let me know about those urls? You can find them when opening about:crashes in Firefox. Please send me a couple of those to hskupin(at)mozilla(dot)com. Thanks.
  • Indispensavel
  • I was hoping that NTT's title-bar editor would do what I want, but it doesn't, so probably the only feature I'll really use (not actually being a nightly tester, just beta) is the "force compatibility" tool, in order not to keep losing add-ons every time I update to a new Beta release number. The other tools do look useful for people who really are living on the Firefox edge.

    What I was *hoping* the title-bar editor might do was allow me to customize the title *individually* for each of my open windows. I've lately been trying to use separate windows to group related tabs (e.g. a "social" window for Facebook and LinkedIn tabs, a "work" window for things I'm currently researching for work, etc.). I often have several hundred tabs open (lots of "I'll get back to that"s that never happen...) but it's hard to keep track of what's where when each window just shows the title of the current web page. And no, Firefox's own "tab groups" feature won't do what I want, and I hate, hate, hate that interface. (Clustering *actual* tabs or expand/collapse *actual* tabs would be the way to go -- not a gazillion thumbnails.)

    UPDATE -- 25 Feb 2013: Loss of 1 star, from 4 to 3.

    I just had my first occasion to try using the "Force Addon Compatibility" feature, when FF updated itself from Version 19 to Version 20 Beta 1. (Does anyone else find it absurd that we're up to "FF 20" with essentially the same product as FF 7? Or is it FF 5?) As a result of the update, my "Tab Utillities" add-on was disabled as being "incompatible".

    I saw a warning about the Tab Utilities add-on before I actually applied the update, so I turned on "Force Compatibility" before updating FF. No joy -- the add-on was still disabled after the update. So I turned off the Force Compatibility, then turned it back on and accepted a re-start. Still no joy, the add-on continues to show as disabled. So, as far as I can tell, the Force Addon Compatibility feature doesn't work. Since that's the only feature I was expecting to use, I've deducted one star.

    What does work (sort of), in place of NTT, is the trick COKEDUDE posted below, updated. I added

    extensions.checkCompatibility.20.0 FALSE

    to about:config. Now I can fiddle with Tab Utilities options, but it doesn't seem like Tab Utilities actually WORKS even with that new Config line.

    (As a feature request for more serious testers than me, I wonder if forced compatibility could be managed on a per-add-on basis. Someone doing serious testing might want to activate just one "incompatible" add-on at a time to see if they actually work.)
    Indeed, the title customization is, at the moment, common to all windows. Your request looks interesting, though. Maybe you could open a new "enhancement" issue at https://github.com/mozilla/nightlytt/issues/new

    P.S. See also https://github.com/mozilla/nightlytt/issues/63

    P.P.S. "Cokedude's trick" is documented at http://kb.mozillazine.org/Extensions.checkCompatibility
  • I found out why. About:config is missing this line. Set it to false

    Then install whatever you want.
  • I love this addon! BUT.....I don't seem to be able to get it to work in Firefox 16.0.2 running on Ubuntu 11.10 :-(
    Reporter, thank you for your review, but it's not clear to us what's not working for you. We should appreciate any kind of feedback which will help us to identify the problem and get it fixed.
  • Great for Titlebar text, 5 stars
  • Fantastic little addon!! .... Is there somewhere I can download it and save it to my PC in case Firefox outdates it lol
    LOL. The "stable" version of this addon is, and will remain, here at addons.mozilla.org. Now that Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey are equipped with a "default to compatible" feature, it is expected that NTT won't become "outdated" by any foreseeable future version of theirs, though new NTT versions will of course be uploaded to fix bugs and/or add features.

    The development source is on github (see the link on the "addon home page"), you will normally not need it unless you want to add features and/or help fixing bugs.
  • To force addon compatibility in Firefox 8 you must have to:

    Type about:config in Firefox addressbar and press Enter. It'll confirm, click on "I'll be careful, I promise!" button. Now right-click and select "New", then "Boolean". Give it name:


    And set it's value to false. That's all.

    This is the same thing that NTT does with your browser, but it always changes the version number automatically to match the browser's version. That's why I gave it five stars.