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  • excelente funciona muito bem, recomendo
  • This extension works flawless!! With problematic websites just disable or add to whitelist. Now I can browse at night. thanks!!!
  • finally 1.11 works.
    old versions not works in my FF64 b11 x86 win7
  • Excellent.

    One issue: tiny text is not inverted but "outlined" which makes the text unreadable, so the add-on is unusable.

    Site: Binance.com
    Page: Exchange
    Text: Hover over "candles" in the chart/graph, to see values.

    Suggestion: Key-hold shortbut to temporary toggle on/off.
  • I don't know ... here this add just inverted the pics and videos, and some of icons... is just it?! The white backgrounds till white, and words still black. So... a lonely star =/
    obviously the plugin works for most users. it would be helpful if you reported your issue here, and be sure to include the URL and what device you are using:

  • good one
  • May be need a white list? everything else is good!
    good idea -- done!
  • Very slow on large pages.
  • good
  • I think this add-on is already pretty much appreciated, but I think there should be some things that can be done to improve, for example, the adjustment of light and shade to adjust the color. Believe that you can cater to more pages.

    Thank you for your efforts.
  • great, but twitter videos stay inverted, consider fixing, cheers :)
  • very well, only the icon isn't pleasant when it is active ;)
  • best of the same kind
  • Nice extension. Could you please make it work well for elmundo.es (the most popular online newspaper in Spanish)? If you go to any news item on it and open its comments section, you can't scroll it (the comments scroll bar disappears on night mode). This seems to happens also in other websites that have a scrollable section within the page. Thanks!
  • Almost perfect, I really love the way pictures and videos are faded into gray! However I would like to see "whitelist" or "blacklist" feature to set rules for specific domains. Awesome performance BTW!
    done :)
  • Almost perfect. Should probably add a keyboard shortcut for toggling conveniently
  • doesn't work for me
  • the word in web page is good, but the pic also invert,also in version 1.6,not fixed
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