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  • "Select text and immediately have it translated with just a few clicks.

    There is no faster way to translate on the Web."

    YES THERE IS. Just add a configurable hotkey ! That's ONE PRESS, not "afew clicks".
  • It has no options to change language and has no hover-option. I have to take texts then with right mouse button-click on Nice Translator to translate it but it does NOT translate. The opened window is too small so that long texts do not fit in that add-on window. VERY VERY badd add-on.

    ONE star for this add-on and I will uninstall it.
  • No; nope nope nope . . . Nice Translator cannot reside in my Firefox.

    Half of the objects I have installed in the Firefox menus toolbar get wiped out when Nice Translator is installed. Only disabling this addon restores my objects.

  • does not work on firefox 21.0
  • Menos mal que ahora esta para mi Firefox 5! Funciona de maravilla. Es el traductor que mejor me ha servido (de manera rápida obvio) =)
  • Works decently, but is hidden behind some Flash objects, youtube videos for example.
  • Does not work on Firefox 4.0 :(
    Please update code
  • It's a great addon, however, the auto-detect feature has a SEVERE flaw. If there's more than one language, it fails to translate at all.

    The following example is german with several english words.
    "OpenSAGA ist eine Open-Source-Software-Plattform zur effizienten Entwicklung moderner Webanwendungen." Things like that will fail to autotranslate, requiring you to manually set languages. It's not a big deal, it's just a real PITA.

    This addon also seems to have problems with frames in webpages. Anytime it tries translating inside frames, firefox will hang until you get an option to stop the script or let it hang again.

    Even with those flaws, this is an essential addon for me. None of the others I've tried work half as well as this one, and I'd definitely recommend it - with some explanations about its hangups.
  • Great !!
    it miss features :
    - Add NiceTranslator button (for blank translation)
    - When popup appear , take focus field input
    - Clear translation form
    - Add shortcut to open popup (with and without selection of text)

    thanks !!!
  • Perfetto perchè semplice! Senza fronzoli e veloce. Molto più amichevole di molti altri più blasonati e sopravvalutati add-ons.
  • C'est exactement ce qu'il me fallait.. mais, dans les zones d'entrée, ne traite pas plus loin que le menu contextuel. Vous devrez traduire ce message vous-mêmes !
  • I live in a country that imports merchandise from all over the world. Many times at the supermarket I have a package in my hand without knowing what it is or the language it is written. I bring it home, punch in the strange words and VOILÁ! it auto-detects the language and tells me what it is, or the ingredients it has. Lately I had a bread mixture from Sweden and some pasta from Turkey that had no English translations on the label. Thanks NT ------ smart little program!
  • really nice ! works charm.
  • Please add a toolbar button
  • ♥Great♥
  • This add on has saved me countless trips to German-English translators that are peppered throughout the World Wide Web. However, I've recently faced some issues with the translator regarding entering the selected text into the window and the accuracy of the engine.

  • Great one. Finally someone though to translate to more than one language.
    But short-cut key is missing (ctrl click or something would be very nice), searching this in context menu can be exhausting.
  • It's great!
  • why not add Turkish language?
  • Oh and one other thing-
    Might I recommend downloading the MenuEditor addon if you are going to use Nice Translator. It allows you to organise the context (right-click) menu so you can put nice translator at the top for easy access- makes it much easier to use.

    This is program is amazing!
    Ce programme est incroyable!
    Dieses Programm ist erstaunlich!
    Este programa es increíble!
    Det här programmet är otroligt!

    Fantastically easy to use!
  • Hello all,
    First of all I would like to thank the developer for his time an effort and for making this tool available to the general public. I have tried a few fo the translators available on the Web, but I am really amazed at how well this one performs. It delivers quite precise instant translation and it does not take up precious system resources. A nice feature is the absence of any adds and how solid it is. I had to seek for an alternative when my Prompt language translator plug-in stopped working in Fire Fox....Have not been able to get a fix for it. But nice Translator does an excellent job. I think it deserves to be reviewed and put on the top of the list of the free non-commercial translators. It can certainly stanp up with pride against some of the professional ones too. Thanks for a great program.
    :) Long live the Internet!
  • Einfach, Schnelle Handhabung, Relativ gute Übersetzungen von Google. Habe viele Tools ausprobiert und musste feststellen dass alle zu kompliziert sind. NT von Google hat sich auf das Wesentliche beschränkt, ohne grossen Schnik-Schnack, denn ich will ja nur markierte Texte übersetzen lassen ohne Copy/Paste.
  • Lo acabo de bajar, me resultó fácil de instalar y de usar. Espero seguir pensando que es un buen programa dentro de unos meses.
  • Por FIN Nice ranslator en cualquier WEB jajaja Por FIn!!!!!
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