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  • This so does not work anymore no matter how you look at this extension on either web browser.
  • It no longer works due to the recent Youtube layout change. :/
  • It stops autoplay, but it also prevents you from manually clicking next or previous
  • I can finally watch one video at a time in my Watch Later playlist. Thanks!
  • This doesn't work I just tried it and my playlist went to the next video.
  • This is not compatible with multiprocess, and it hasn´t been updated since forever.

    And even if it wasn´t broken, I do need auto-pause in fullscreen (since that´s how I watch most of my videos) which is feature I can get by using "Magic actions", which is both compatible, and happens to have a ton more features.

    As such, no real reason to keep using this addon, as of today.

  • It does what it says on the tin.
    Playlist autoplay is stopped, you even have an easy to use big button to disable it if you wish without restarting.
  • This is the ONLY extension I could find to stop Youtube favorites from playing the next video! Thanks so much! Id give it 6 stars if I could!!!!!
  • This does generally work but there are times where it doesn't
  • I really despise autoplay. This add-on successfully stops the stupid forced autoplay, and that's everything I could have asked for. No unneeded bells or whistles, just does what it's supposed to.
  • Thank you SO MUCH for this add-on! It has made a huge difference in how usable (and enjoyable) YouTube is. The add-on works perfectly for me.

    I'm one of those people who wants the most control possible over the sites I use regularly, so I have been annoyed with YouTube's forced playlist autoplay since it was implemented. So annoyed, actually, that I started using my playlists as little as possible, which was a major inconvenience.

    I'm so happy to have YouTube's old functionality back. NextVid Stopper is definitely one of my must-have add-ons.
  • Sadly, Google has found a way to bypass this. It used to work great. Not anymore.

    Unfortunately, I am now removing it.
    Heya, others have run into this issue before I believe.

    NextVid Stopper still works on my test, so it's likely a conflict with another browser extension/addon preventing NextVid Stopper from working correctly.

    The most common types of addons that cause conflicts are:
    - Other YouTube addons
    - Script-blocking addons

    If you disable any of those and test this again, it may suddenly work as normal. Thanks for using NextVid Stopper!
  • Too bad this pale moon won't allow it to install.
  • FKN Google is Going To FORCE You to Watch Next Whether You Like it or Not..This is Such Bullshit anymore..Everyone seems to be Forcing There Shit Upon you Theses days..If it isn't Microsoft or Google it's Someone Else..Why Take the Options Away the Let the Fkn USER Decide what he/she wants..? This add on Used to Work just Fine..But Now.? They have Just Added a Second Start on about a 5 second delay..So now..when this Add ON turns it off..Google AND YouTube turns the Fkn thing right BACK ON..Essentially Telling YouTube that You Turned on
    "NEXT PLAY" And want to Watch Every Single Stinking Video on there Site..What the Hell Ever Happened to A Person's Choice..?? Fukn Ridiculous..!!
  • Works as intended, great addon
    Really recommended
  • As many other users, I use my "Watch latet" playlist a lot, and the autonext "feature" of the playlist was truly a pain in my ass for a while.
    I'm so glad I found NextVid Stopper, thanks a lot for this addon !

    Note : NextVid Stopper doesn't seem to be compatible with Youtube Enhancer Plus (which has a feature that disables autoplay of any video, nothing about autonext in playlist, but it seems that there is a conflict between both addons..).

    Note 2 : as mentionned in a previous comment, NextVid Stopper doesn't work if the video is full-screen...
  • I love this addon because it's the only one that disables this horrible "feature" without breaking other addons. However, it no longer works with the new Youtube player. Please update. Thank you.
  • Hello,This addon does its job,just i notice too that full screen is ignored somethimes and when i do clear history in browser,script is litle confused what to do,it play the video even if extension is enabled,simple temporary fix is 2 clicks on icon for reinitialize.Thanks for this NextVidStoper.
    I have an idea for create 1 addon to it will do just this :
    about:config - browser.tabs.animate false default is true it causes firefox to freeze so better is false.Next option is litle risky - extensions.blocklist.enabled true/false Default is true - so false does skip plugin check,and it does skip flashplayer version block-check/also other plugins/,so it does work anyway,this extreme handy on firefox for linux,becoz of last supported version flash is 11.2,but it working.I know it can cause some troubles,becoz its not only for flash,but it is best tweak i did found. Thanks i hope it helps.
  • This extension will not stop the next video in a predefined playlist from playing if the video is in full screen mode! This is a pain. The extension works fine if you are not viewing the video in fullscreen.
  • Liberating, wonderful, perfect, amazing, stunning, essential, stupendous, freeing, great etc and etc :)
  • It works without having to allow youtube cookie. Thank you!
  • The darn button is OFF and stays OFF! No hastle! A dream come true! Thank you Jenna!
  • Works as advertised. For anyone who wants to stop youtube auto-play without keeping google's cookies forever, this is the way to go.
  • Downloaded and autoplay is now disabled. Very simple!
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