Make it compatible for multiprocess ! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Please could anyone make this and his parts compatible for multiprocess please ?

I like this add-on which get to you new image each time you open Firefox and even more : each one is an open window and a new point of view refreshing each time firefox interface.

I think a modernization is needed, the first of all is probably to integrate directly all the links into only one add-on.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the supercool addon. Please give us an additional option to shuffle a new background every 'x' number of hours. The addon will then become priceless. Also, consider giving an option in the tools menu or a status bar button to change the background in one click in case we don't like the background that has been loaded.

Hello. Thank you for the review.

I think you're aware but just in case want to point out this add-on is intended to shuffle others addon's activity (ie, toggling them on/off). So, a feature to automatically shuffle backgrounds is something the other addons implement by themselves, not all of them though.

However, there should be no problem on implementing a feature on this one which disables and then enables one of the supported add-ons every x hours. It's also a good idea adding a Tools menu entry - added to my TODO list and i'll work on it when i get a chance.


Brilliant! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This extension is fantastic!
The newtab with thumbnails that FF added since version 13 was an excellent improvement, but it is frankly boring. Adding a background image makes it much more visually attractive.
So, using your extension, the background photo is a different one each time - you have with a simple solution made Firefox more beautiful.

A suggestion: Maybe you can integrate all your background setting extensions in just one (the shuffler one is the obvious choice). Just to keep everything tidy.

Anyway, great work! Congratulations!


First of all, Thanks for your review and the nice words :-)

Regarding your suggestion, these add-ons are designed on a very lightweight fashion (ie, 1-2 KB) and therefore it shouldn't cause any real impact to your browsing experience if you install several of them. Maybe if you install 70 of them the startup overhead would be then the same as of some known extensions such as AdBlock or NoScript. However, i do not refuse the possibility to create another add-on (or upgrading this one) in the future to include the most used "newtab background"-based add-ons.

Best Regards.