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  • Doesn't update very opinionated too.
  • Addon discutibile, giornale di sinistra = attendibile, di destra= non attendibile.
  • Provata e a prima vista molto deludente (sembra solo uno strumento di propaganda), non basta che sia un quotidiano famoso e registrato per rendere le notizie: vere. Poi SI e NO è limitativo, sulla voce "Non pubblica ripetutamente notizie false" sarebbe bene avere una scala logaritmica da 1 a 10 per valutare quante notizie non verificate sono pubblicate. Non ripetutamente può anche essere una notizia falsa e non verificata alla settimana.

    Non prenderà piede, senza aprire a qualche funzione social come votazioni da parte degli utenti / lettori sulle testate stesse.

    Manca poi una voce sull'indipendenza politica, che è la vera piaga di molti quotidiani Italiani. soprattutto per le notizie che omettono di dare.

    Sarebbe più utile un sistema simile ai filtri anti-spam, dove il punteggio è più complesso e presenta anche informazioni su quante fake-news sono state pubblicate e quanti giorni sono passati dall'ultimo evento. Invece semplici SI / NO basati solo sull'autorevolezza della fonte.
  • NewsGuard is great!
  • Very simple extension that gives every news coming from a left oriented website a verified status.
  • This is leftist propaganda. Completely bias. They rate SPLC as trustworthy LOL. Websites in favor of free speech or critical of Islam are not trustworthy (right...)
  • Very left wing rating site. They have listed Buzzfeed as a reliable news source, I think that says it all.
  • Amazing tool that assists in separating those who spread false propaganda and verifiable facts.
  • Great addon, even better for upsetting trumplings
  • Absolute garbage! After the blatant lies of Buzzfeednews that website still gets 9/9 green stars! While a more balanced outlet like Fox gets 6/9? Let's take CNN, the penultimate standard for fake news - 9/9 green stars even if they were caught multiple times fabricating and misreporting facts! Let's take a very independent news outlet DemocracyNow.org Gets 7/9 where one red flag is regularly corrects errors - WOW, CNN makes more errors in a day than any other news source. Townhall gets a red for deceptive headlights - HAHAHA and CNN's headlines are not deceptive or even overly biased? OMG, It's so true - you can only rely on your own research and not on ANY outlet ever - that's why the internet was made - LOOK for first hand videos and accounts and only then do believe what the news outlets tell you!
  • This plugin is an excellent resource for determining the general reliability of a news source..
    It should be noted though that the plugin does not claim, nor could it reasonably claim to verifiy any news source as 100% reliable.

    One further observation, almost every negative review comes from someone who tried to use this to verify their pre-existing assumptions about a news source, and dismisses the validity of the plugin because it does not confirm their existing presumptions - curiously enough the very target audience most biased sources prefer, imagine that.
  • Politically motivated and biased newspeak tool. INGSOC would be so proud.
  • Poor attempt to censor and control information. Do your own research, trust your instinct and don't be told what is unreliable or not by "Newsguard" which tells you to trust sites that flat out lie to you.