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  • This is the best RSS news reader around. Why don't you port it to Firefox Quantum? It seems to me that a lot of users would re-use it. You should reconsider your decision to abandon it.
  • Transform your extension to a stand alone application

    Open http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/xulrunner/releases/41.0b9/runtimes/ and download your version .

    I use xulrunner-41.0b9.en-US.win64.zip

    Unzip and rename the folder xulrunner64

    Go to your firefox profile
    Open the folder and find this file : {899DF1F8-2F43-4394-8315-37F6744E6319}.xpi
    Unzip and rename the folder {899DF1F8-2F43-4394-8315-37F6744E6319} to newsfox
    Cut to xulrunner64

    Open xulrunner64\newsfox , create a new file newsfox.ini , paste this text and save :

    Vendor=Newsfox Xulrunner
    Copyright=Copyright © 2007 Newsfox team



    ; active le gestionnaire d'extension

    Open the file xulrunner64\newsfox\defaults\preferences\prefs.js
    Paste this text and only this :
    pref("toolkit.defaultChromeURI", "chrome://newsfox/content/newsfox.xul");

    I work in V:\__________firefox_stuff\xul\ ( change for yours )
    Create a file xulrunner.cmd
    start V:\__________firefox_stuff\xul\xulrunner64\xulrunner.exe V:\__________firefox_stuff\xul\xulrunner64\newsfox\newsfox.ini

    Launch xulrunner.cmd , newsfox works .
    Close it .

    Xulrunner create 2 new folders .
    C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Newsfox Xulrunner\
    C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Newsfox Xulrunner

    If you want restore your newsfox from your firefox browser :
    Copy the folder %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\newsfox to %AppData%\Newsfox Xulrunner\newsfox\Profiles\"YOUR PROFILE"\

    Launch xulrunner.cmd .

    Pin to taskbar
    step 1.
    Renaming your .cmd to .exe
    Right clicking on the *.exe and choose pin to taskbar
    Renaming it back to .cmd/.bat

    step 2.
    Two ways :

    Shift+right clicking the taskbar icon (for the exe) and choose properties
    Changing the reference from *.exe to .cmd/.bat and change icon as needed


    %AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar
    xulrunner64.cmd , Right click , properties
    Changing the reference from *.exe to .cmd and change icon as needed

    Enjoy .
  • Новые версии FF не поддерживает.Выбросил это дополнение в пропасть.
  • If you want to keep this addon but dont want to use an outdated version of ff then install "firefox esr" and use the firefox profile manager to create a profile for the ff esr and one for the reg ff or quantum and install ff esr in a differnt location than the defualt location so you dont over write the default firefox and make sure you link the orig ff icon and profile to the reg ff and the ff esr to the ff.exe location and the profile i norm use linux where i can actually run multiple versions of ff at the same time but on windows it only allows u to run one version at a time just make sur ethat when u install ff esr to turn off auto ugrade so that u can keep the version that works with this add and u will still get all the security updates
  • Please, please, please update this add-on to work with Quantum. I don't want to abandon NewsFox, but I am concerned about security exposures running an older version of Firefox.
  • A good addon but needs updating for the F58. We wait for news.
  • NNewsfox ne fonctionne pas avec firefox Quatum
  • Great! I loved it so much I switched from FF 57+ to "Pale Moon" so I could still use it.
  • Very good addon, but need v57support.
  • great add-ons but make it compatible with FF 57 please
  • It's a very useful and necessary addition. I hope you plan to modify the add-on for the new Mozilla. Really worth it.
  • I have used this add-on for years and love it very much. Unfortunately it doesn't work with FF57. For this sole reason I keep using FF56! I tried other RSS reader add-on such as Feedbro but none comes close to NewsFox. Please upgrade it to FF57. I promise I will not upgrade FF until the new version of NewsFox is ready.
  • Please Develop for Firefox57. Good luck.(I will be waiting forever…)
  • Отличное дополнение (до FF57). Позволяет в одном окне просматривать все ленты.
  • sorry for italian language
    splendida estensione !!!
    puoi riscriverla per ff>=57 ?
    grazie !!!
  • The best Addon for RSS. But fact, that it don't work in FF version 57, makes me unhappy.
  • What a fantastic add-on! What a beauty, a peace of art for my daily habits, routines, needs etc.
    Best rss/feed reader ever! I use it 24 hours all the time, perhaps I used it more than my email/messages services. Is a must for those who need to be and kept informed.

    I am totally interested in the NewsFox upgrade version to +FF57.
    And I will be totally happy in make a fat donation for the new NewsFox.

    However, please, I need a simple clarification from the authors: Do you have any time expectation about when the new version of NewsFox could be launched?
    Today I am stuck at FF56, because I don't and I can't stop using NewsFox. And I perfectly understand that the new NewsFox will take a lot of work, must be rewritten from scratch etc. And I am able to wait and donate for it. But if this is not going to happen, or if is going to happen in a far future etc, sadly but honestly I prefer to abandon NewsFox right now, migrating today to FF57.
    Please authors, do you have any expectation about when the NewsFox could be launched?

    Thousand thanks to the authors!
  • Отличное дополнение....было. Я в большой печали,что лишился eго через много лет в связи с обновлением Файрфокса до версии 57.Альтернативы для себя не вижу, огромная просьба к разработчикам обновить Newsfox
  • Simplesmente a melhor opção para obter seus feeds. Pena que parou de funcionar com atualização do FF57.
  • The extension allow to manage easily all the feeds.
    The interface would need a refresh, and I hope this will be done with a rewrite for FF57.
    I will donate for this.
  • Спасибо за расширение, я к нему привык, как к домашним тапочками или любимым треникам с вытянутыми коленками :-) Буду надеяться, что на квантум вы сможете сделать обновление.
  • Самый профессиональный RSS ридер.
    Пожалуйста обновите, чтобы он работал в новой версии FF.

    The most professional RSS reader.
    Please update it so that it works in the new version of FF.
  • The best addition !!! But now it does not work firefox 57! Fix it!
    Fix for firefox 57 means to rewrite NewsFox from scratch. It should happen somewhere in the future (depending also on how many people are really interested in having NewsFox and in case which features).

    For sure 1-star review doesn't help, but it is a user's opinion.
  • Плохо что с Firefox 57(64 bit) не работает.... (
  • I've been using this for years, and it's been pretty good. The interface has remained a wee bit conservative, but quite functional.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work under Quantum any more. Please port it to the new system. It's one of the very few things I'm missing from pre-Quantum times (Flym on my smartphone will do as a replacement for now).

    I just made a donation to Andrey to this effect, but the PayPal form had me choose the amount myself. It would be nice if some sort of an estimate was made to tell us how much more money would be useful in order to get this work done.