37 reviews
  • Dit is een eerste idee. Goed gevonden. Interessante uitvinding.
  • this extension sometimes uninstalls itself from my browser
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Muito bom! Me ajudou muito a parar de usar o facebook! Parabéns pela idéia!
  • This extension is pure ecstasy. Facebook is sooo much better now for me. Thanks to whoever had this idea, I love you.
  • I shared this on my facebook newsfeed!
  • Productivity oriented, it positively encourages you out of passive addiction, I love it, if you are feeling like you waste too much time on fb and want to be more produvtive, i highly recommend you to give it a shot.
    Thanks for the kind review!
  • This has made a big difference to me, giving me back many hours per week and also raising my mood. I just go deliberately to people's pages when I want to check in on them. It's so much more intentional, and I waste much less time. <3
    So glad it's helped you <3
  • Finally, my Chrome envy can be put to rest. I love this extension. Thank you!!
  • Dude. This is the amazing! I just installed it to see how it looked like but those quotes are just awesome! Love it
  • Thanks!
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