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  • this is a snake solid app.

    should be a "Featured Extension"
  • With current version of firefox not work at all, "New Tab Tools couldn't start properly. Try these:

    If cookies are disabled, add an exception for moz-extension://927beb9e-3b9a-4996-858e-f55abf9a1063/"
    There already is "True"
  • It isn't compatible with Firefox containers system.

    Will cause unexpected behavior in regards to how firefox manages new tabs with the container feature, specifically, new tabs will always be opened in the default container.

    This is specially annoying if you also use a tab management add-on like conex.
  • This extension does literally nothing. I can't see any options anywhere and the button on the top doesn't work. GG
  • I noticed that if I open new tab, it shows my firefox is linking to "xvyhaajworsellic.review." May I know what it is?
  • ярлык программы совсем плохо видно при использовании темного оформления браузера
  • i was happy until update - evrthng's gone.
    New Tab Tools couldn't start properly. Try these:

    If cookies are disabled, add an exception for moz-extension://69e87d6a-111b-4829-8dbe-061d87733b5c/.
    Go to about:config and check dom.indexedDB.enabled is set to true.

    You will need to restart New Tab Tools (or just restart Firefox) for these changes to have an effect.
    New Tab Tools cannot start if Firefox is set to "never remember history" or "always open in private browsing mode".

    app doesn't start. says: look up about.config, set "true" etc... i did, but still doesn't work. have no idea... very disappointed.
  • I have been looking for a similar extension for a long time. I was surprised by how customizable it is. Here's my new tab: http://prntscr.com/kolq6l

    I had to create each picture by myself, but it was totally worth it. I think it looks slick :)
  • Unfortunately it doensn't always work properly. The filter page does not scroll and I can see many of the domains. Sometimes to tiles get one on top of another, and it's impossible to move them elsewhere... they're really stubborn.
  • I like it
  • Allows to customize the new tab page with ease to a great degree of detail.
  • Gefällt mir überhaupt nicht und ist total umständlich, jede Kachel einzeln zu erstellen, nein danke, zuviel Arbeit. Da gibts bequemere extensions wie FVD ect!
  • Can you please add a context menu for - add this page to (Speed Dial) New Tab Tools ? Thank You. A very good extension.
  • It's awesome and I don't want to live without it, but it used to take screen shots of the pages added to the tiles and now they have gone away and its just blank squares. I am wondering how to get the screenshots back.

    You can manually and easily add bright colors if the screens shots are gone which is what I did.
  • Let me put it this way...I would hate being without New Tab Tools! I've made it my home page and new tab page for Firefox on my Macbook Pro. I have a black wood background behind the tabs, which makes the whole page look really nice and is easy on the eyes. I chose a dark background for late night use, but now I use the Flux filter on my Mac to adjust the light temperature according to time of day. I just now thought of that! I'm gonna go change my backround right now. lol Anyway, the tabs look great with any background that works for you, whether picture or solid color. It is all totally customizable, from number of rows/columns, margin/grid size, title text and size, option to pin just what you tell it to or check a box to have it automatically pin visited or recently closed pages, and lock pins to keep them from being moved around or lock page to keep everything the same.
  • current version redirects the home page to the new tab page instead, this occurs only on the first time opening the browser
  • Still loving this extension BUT although I dont have the "link-click" problem in previous comment, this version does corrupt my start-up page.
    My short cut for Firefox includes the URL for my google calandar so when it starts it goes straight to it. With this version of your extension, Firefox starts and you can see the correct URL in the address bar momentarily, but then your extension over-writes it and you get the New Tabs page.
    Hardly life changing - I just hit the home button which is also set to my google calandar URL - but proof positive that "you fix one problem, and create another" !
  • With the newest update of New Tab Tools, any time I click on an external link to open the browser, the New Tab Tools page opens instead, and I have to leave that open before I can again click on the external link to open a new page in the browser which actually does go to the link. I assume I am not the only person with this problem and that it will be fixed
  • la version 89 est quasi parfaite et permet d'avoir une page de favoris facilement updatée
  • is there any chance that a search line will be added as is the default FF?
  • Uesd to work. Yesterday all tabs crashed Firefox - Reinstalled - Have to add links manually. No background
  • The one thing about this add on which is CRAP is possibly me. I have no idea how to add a new tile with the URL that I want. IF I knew the way to do this THEN I would be so much happier. The add on itself is actually pretty good once you somehow, gawd knows how, manage to get a tile to link to a URL.
  • One more dark-mode page. Thanks!
  • Installed it (FF 61), it won't start. It tells me to check the config for a DB setting which is true as required and enable cookies (they were). Restarted firefox, it still won't run. Uninstalled this apparently pointless and broken extension.
  • please give me the old back