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388 reviews for this add-on
  • is there any chance that a search line will be added as is the default FF?

  • Uesd to work. Yesterday all tabs crashed Firefox - Reinstalled - Have to add links manually. No background

  • The one thing about this add on which is CRAP is possibly me. I have no idea how to add a new tile with the URL that I want. IF I knew the way to do this THEN I would be so much happier. The add on itself is actually pretty good once you somehow, gawd knows how, manage to get a tile to link to a URL.

  • One more dark-mode page. Thanks!

  • Installed it (FF 61), it won't start. It tells me to check the config for a DB setting which is true as required and enable cookies (they were). Restarted firefox, it still won't run. Uninstalled this apparently pointless and broken extension.

  • please give me the old back

  • has stopped working !

    Please fix .....

  • removes search bar with no way to re-ad

  • not bad,
    but i prefer using UserContent.css to edit about:home&about:newtab.
    but i still give it 5 stars.

  • Works great

  • In general is OK but things could be improved as for example; why the hell if I stop visiting a web—or I just do it sometimes—it does appear before others that I do visit a lot as in "daily basis". That is why I do not give the five but the rest is pretty awesome. A simple ad-don for a simple thing. You can customize everything and from a couple of month you can even make a backup copy of your settings. I will be using this forever.

  • your asking for WAY more permissions then you should (or needs) So this addon turns into a security risk...

  • I like it.

  • Found this after FF 60 broke the about:config trick to restore the old new tab page. Thanks! All my tiles show up as blank white placeholders. How can I get this extension to automatically put thumbnails there? Creating them manually is possible but not ideal.

  • Thanks for this great addon. Saved me from using the new Firefox layout, which is constantly being forced to me. It seems in FF60 I can no longer restore old layout by using about:config.

  • This extension enabled me to get my big tiles back after the update to Firefox 60 botched them.
    I like that I can just select to view 3 rows @ 4 columns.

    After I replaced the tile previews with small jpg's I created from a screenshot the new tab page loads A LOT faster - it should not be necessary to do this yourself.

    But after all that effort I wanted to backup my "new tab" configuration: unfortunately Firefox ALWAYS hangs.
    After replacing the tile previews with jpg's it hangs with an incomplete zip of half the original size though.

  • Tool einfach gestaltet und bedienbar. Die Seite in Firefox ist übersichtlich und man findet schnell den gewünschten Link zum Seitenaufruf.

  • I miss the opportunity to change the size of the boxes. The small ones are just a little too small

  • i have tried downloading this add on, but it does not seem to work on this computer. i went through it to see if there was something i could do about it, but ?. i would very much like to be able to have nice scenes on the start up page of fire fox. plus i am sure it has a lot of other features as well that would also be liked. was also worried about whether it may have a virus attached. thank you

  • Love this extension. Only gave it four stars because, of about half the tabs it only shows a blank image, even after I use it several times.

  • Always crashing and needing to replace tiles because it resets from scratch

  • Great addon!
    Could you make the Firefox start with new tab tools?

  • Nette App, verursacht bei mir aber Probleme in zusammenhang mit anderen Addons.

  • every time Firefox updates I lose all the tiles. Then I have to reload the NewTabTools program. Annoying! But today all the tiles disappeared and when I access a website no tab for it appears. Looks like NTT has gone! These frequent glitches make NTT less than useful.

  • Excellent. Fully customizable and with a lot of features. Better than expected :)