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thanks! works great. can you make it the same icon as the standard firefox 4 tab? would fit the UI style more.

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I don't get it... As already said by ithinc your can moved the new tab button out of the tabbar to every toolbar you like! So no need for this add-on.

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Great, just what I needed, I can't believe they want FF4 to look like Google Chrome, I hate Google Chrome cause of the weird minimal interface, is there any way to edit the text of this button, I would like to make it in French.

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I'm a man who likes two open tab buttons, one on the left next to the bookmarks button, and one following the tabs as they open. This allows for maximum tab opening efficiency and convenience. Firefox 3 let me do this, Firefox 4 not so much, and this extension brought it back again.

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In Firefox 4, you can drag the "New Tab" button from the tab bar to anywhere.

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Thanks for this useful extension!
Can you make a version that uses the original new tab button? It would be better with custom themes to use its own.