my way to fix problem with FastDial addon Rated 4 out of 5 stars

First of all I am sorry for my bad English.

I have "new tab toolbar button addon" and "FastDial addon" too and it doesn't displaying at new tab, opened by this button.

There is how I resolve this problem:
1. Download "new tab toolbar button addon" from mozilla site: (use "save object as" in your browser).
2. Rename just downloaded file new_tab_toolbar_button-1.1-fx.xpi to (if you can’t see extension ".xpi", you need to set up your explorer).
3. Unpack with WinZIP or whatever.
4. Go to "new_tab_toolbar_button-1.1-fx\Chrome\" folder and open newtab.js with notepad.
5. Find the string:
var tab = document.getElementById("content").addTab("about:blank");
and change it to:
var tab = document.getElementById("content").addTab("chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html");
6. Save newtab.js and close notepad.
7. Go to one directory up (where the chrome and locale folders are placed).
8. Pack all content (chrome and locale folders, chrome.manifest and install.rdf files) to zip. I named it "", for example.
9. Rename customized file "" to "new_tab_toolbar_button-FastDial.xpi".

OK, we almost done..
10. Open add-ons tab in Firefox and remove "New tab toolbar button 1.1" addon.
11. Install our customized "new_tab_toolbar_button-FastDial.xpi addon" and restart Firefox.
12. Profit!