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  • Endlich eine add, die einen neuen tab mit der adresse öffnet, die ich will und mir dadurch einiges an unnötiger arbeit erspart.
  • I'm sure this works great for what it was designed for. However, I build my own Home Page using images on my harddrive as my link, not text. Because New Tab Override cannot load local images it's pointless.
  • مراجعة
  • Great extension! Brings back some painfully missing functionality of the TabMix Plus add-on. The only option I'm missing is to duplicate / clone the current tab when opening a new one.
  • Been using this for over a year. Great addon. Thanks!
  • Tapez l'URL qui se sera ouverte lors de l'ouverture d'n nouvel onglet.
    POur ceux qui on en besoin