190 reviews for this add-on
  • Installed, restarted firefox. This extension did nothing except redirect me to a shady online survey website. DO NOT INSTALL.
  • Does not work anymore, the homepage has been parked on by some advertiser.
  • To the person calling this fake: I was a user of this a number of years ago, and can tell you it's most certainly not fake. The problem is, after the add on installs, it opens their site which has now shut down. So links to a typical inactive url advertiser.

    The Add-on itself does still actually work, although a number of the features are broken, and it now looks a lot uglier than it used to. I really hope the developer updates it, as I liked some of the features of it.
  • doesn't work for what pics/description says. don't bother its fake AF
  • ¿
  • Suspicious link to non existant homepage
  • Me funcionaba muy bien, vamos a ver que tal han ido las actualizaciones.
  • 乱弹广告,而且安装了也不好用。。
  • Just shows a list. Does not allow any changes. Website is just a "buy this domain" thing. Don't waste your time.
  • Lo único positivo es que ya ni siquiera funciona
  • The page looks terrible, doesn't accept my settings & screws with Tree Style Tabs, rendering the browser unusable. Fail.
  • complete crap
  • Failed addon. Never was well done, or finished making. Now until is abandoned...
  • Паршивая экспресс-панель...
    глючная(не отображает изображения сайтов)
    настроек на первый взгляд много, но на деле они никакие и полезных крайне мало
    внешний вид также уг, вообщем зря потратил время
    и да название пафосное для такой фигни
  • Does not appear
  • ...and it doesn't work!
  • The spyware is a concern, but why not cut TabKing some slack to correct an obvious security issue? Patience.

    For the time being I'll rateTK with 3 stars and check back in. I actually showed up to post a request that the developers tweak the code to give me greater visual customization by allowing users to change the blue background that currently appears behind the links.

  • Mozilla is not serious to let spyware addons like this on their site. Please, report it, maybe, at last, they'll understand we want only trustable and quality addon.
  • Spyware.
  • Well I don't like to say this, but obviously this plugin has issues
  • malware
  • Оно вообще работает?? Неделя прошла а под поисковиком НИЧЕГО не появилось!
  • not happy with privacy and malware issues.. about sick of sites and addons tracking my browsing.
  • Like a previous reviewer said, this extension sent EVERY url you visited to api*.thetrafficstat.net
    this addon also include the infamous superfish spyware which sadly is allowed by Mozilla,

    this shady technique which can't be disabled, should not passed the preliminarily review.

  • I've been using it for years, but since a while, many bugs : no closed tabs, impossible to remove certain websites, impossible to save changes, etc....
    Pls. fix it either I'll have to remove it - Sad !